LRS “Low”

LRS - low

LRS is back with “Low”. The second release of a continuing reverse trilogy.
Back in 2017, we were introduced to the first in the serie titled “Highs”.
LRS is composed of Jostereo and Days aka Racecar. The duo met just barely 10 years ago and connected instantly; it was as if they had known each other for decades. After their initial collaboration (on Jostereo’s “Off Praha”), they both found a satisfying chemistry and mutual admiration for each other’s respective skills.

“Low” represents their therapeutic approach to dealing with life’s unexpected dips and feelings like depression.
Enjoy and stay tune for the last episode in the serie.

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MASTA CONGA “Back to Basics” by Izzy Power

Masta Conga

Leader of the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Percussionnist, beatmaker, sound engineer, Masta Conga return with his first solo Hip Hop album titled “Back to Basics”. The project features U-george, Emskee, Blaqpoet, Starvin B, Oxygen, Juga-naut, Junclassic, Alakazam, Coherent, Stinkin Slimrok and Racecar.

The opening track on Back to Basics seemed to lunge at me from my speakers and demand, not just ask for, my attention. But it also managed to move and groove me in a more than pleasant way. The record is obviously hip-hop but the jazz and funk influences are prevalent throughout, in loving touches that make you want to dance and in wonderful musical meanderings that break the mould of the tracks without disrupting your groove.

After taking in track after track on multiple occasions, I was able to put my finger on something. A somewhat haunting vibe creeps and crawls with you through this album, sometimes in the lyrics and often in the music, which helps to paint a fantastically rich and real picture in the mind. The lyrics range from downright scary to unbelievably soulful and hit everywhere in between. They find the realness of life and the poetic nature of art and music. At times while listening to this record I was reminded of exactly who and what I was but, more often, I was inspired to be better or to just change full stop.

But before you think that this album is all conscience and no groove, let me tell you that I danced to these tracks time after time. I found that it accompanied my morning or afternoon workouts brilliantly, helping to pass the time effortlessly and all the while keeping my pace up with its relentless and surprisingly dance-worthy beats.

I must say that I was more than entertained on each and every one of the multiple listening sessions I have given Back to Basics since it entered my life. And I definitely think that I will continue to listen to it after completing this review. This record has left a mark of some kind on me and I feel all the better for it. What gets me each time I put this record on is its soulfulness. It almost reaches out and gently hugs you, as both words and beats effortlessly caress your ears while shaking your limbs, then suddenly it is over almost as soon as it begun. As I mentioned earlier, this exquisite collection of tracks help time to pass by really nicely, while still entertaining and touching you. I can definitely recommend this wonderful musical marvel.

Pre-order here

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IVAN WINTER “Haar & Hem” (hair & him) audio book

kapper 3 Ivan Winter

Ivan Winter is a DJ with a solid tenure. He combines his knowledge of diverse music styles in a surprising manner. He is influenced by art and this resonates in his music selection and technique.
On a daily, he is a Barber. He believes every man needs some time for himself, and at that point u can see the true beauty of transformation. The before and after the cut, same effect as listening how a DJ cuts from track to track.
In any barbershop you can hear the debating, the changing the world, the funny stories which push clients to come back on the regular beside a haircut of course.
A barber is kind of a therapist, so it is not uncommon for patients to chat with each other in the waiting room. Gossiping in the hallway happens, but during a one-on-one session in the barber’s chair, it is the hairdresser who wins the trust of the individual at that moment. After all, having your hair cut is something personal that you do not just let anyone do!

kapper 2

From the many sessions, Mr. Winter came up together with Charlien Adriaenssens to transform individual stories from the barber’s chair into an audiobook titled “Haar & Hem”. The inspiration was found in the different life stories, especially in those who are considered obscure. Topics that many hairdressers will related to.
After long writing, deepening, writing again, choosing the sound and searching for the right form, Mr Winter can now proudly say that you can listen to it!

cover haar en hem kapper

This audiobook is sometimes surreal, sometimes documentary and sometimes tragic. Lucky for us, it’s only the volume 1 so make sure to keep an eye on Mr Winter for more stories from his barbershop.


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Millenium Jazz

Millennium Jazz Music presents “Operation Six” as they celebrate with the Jazz Jousters collective on their 6th anniversary since the group started working together in 2012.

OP6 is the first project from the Jousters collective since the release of the “Fifth Element” double vinyl and cassette album for the previous anniversary.
As usual all music was made exclusively for this project. If you are aware of the previous editions from the UK label / collective many of the usual suspects as well as a few new members are included.

To mark this years anniversary a double vinyl album and a limited batch of cassettes will be available for purchase. You can pre-order the vinyl via Qrates:

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BOOG BROWN “Boog Brown”

Boog Brown

Busy bee is how we can define the Atlanta based female mc who goes by the name of Boog Brown. After the EP “Sun Up”(2016) it was radio silence for the lady. In May a mini docu / interview made by Theorematic find Boog talking about her catalog, finding her style and new music coming up.

Well, the wait was worth it as we got serve with not only 1 but three new projects released in October. The first appetizer is the single “Just right” (off the album) follow shortly after by a EP and an album released on the UK label Tea Sea Records.
Boog Brown album Boog Brown EP

Tom Caruana who runs the label, produced and mixed all the tracks. He has worked with many of the popular and underground Hip Hop artists. Tom shooked the web by mixing the best hip hop with the best of the Pop scene. One of the memorable project is Wu-Tang vs The Beatles. Check the whole serie. It more than worth the listen.

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ICBM “Wunderbar”

ICBM -Wunderbar

After releasing the project 8 Dayz with Racecar (aka Dayz) back in february, ICBM strikes back with an instrumental travel through space and time! The destination is the planet “Wunderbar”. The project portrait different moods and colors from the french producer. Are you ready for this retro cosmic trip?

Take your helmet and let ICBM guide you!

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AMASIA “Convergences”


Nice surprise in our inbox this morning coming from Lyon (France) of the fresh label Amasia Records.

AMASIA RECORDS is the association of two producers : SHIMSHON & SYNES. The 2 produce Hip-Hop records with artists from all around the world.

The first volume of Amasia Records is called CONVERGENCES, a 10 tracks project including 11 rappers from USA, Finland, France and Belgium.

We cannot wait to hear more projects from Amasia Records and discover more talented artists.
Stay tuned !!

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Annonce-progHOS-light AllttA-HOS

Hip’opsession is almost upon us and the 2018 edition promises to be one for the books. Year after year the famous french Hip Hop festival continues to highlight all the elements of the culture and bringing people of all race and age together with the motto “one nation under a groove” in Nantes and his suburb. A special s/o for the organisation to make it also accessible for the deafs and hard of hearing people since 2015.
Hip’opsession is starting officially from the 1st March till the 18th. But if you familiar with the organisation behind the festival you know that it has already started. A sort of warming up before the big bang!
As the tradition goes the Battle Opsession, the major rendez-vous for dancers from all over the world, will launch the festival. During 2 days it will be about cyphers, exchanges, trainings and of course battles for the titel for each category: House, Hip Hop, Lock, pop, Top Rock, Bonnie & Clyde (2 vs 2) and Crews (3 vs 3).
Hip’opssesion is music as well, MC challenge (EOW) Res EOW

expositions Gangster Dooddles Black Panther showcases Crazy B
grafitti, Theater Affiche-carreģe-DLFAB-1024x1024 ,cinema wild-style-cover-700x500
Q&A, Dance, Beatbox FURAX and so much more…

To sum up all the events will be like climbing the Himalaya, so check the entire program here


If you are around the city one of the event not to be missed is happening at Stereolux the 9th of March. Hip’opsession is headlining Alltta, the Electronic-rap duo composed of 20Syl (C2C, Hocus Pocus) & J.Medeiros (The Procussions).

Opening acts for the supergroup are Gracy Hopkins (FR/ANG/BR)

Sorg & Napoleon Maddox (FR /USA)

and all away from New Zealand the hip hop artist Raiza Biza.

Let’s forget for a moment that the world right now is in a bad shape. For 3 weeks, Hip’opsession 2018, is inviting you to celebrate a culture in full glory. A culture that still unify since the day of his birth some 40 years ago.
See you there…


Event FB:


*All rights reserved to the owners of the videos, music, photos and art.

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JR & Th'Acquisition

JR & Th’Acquisition are long in the game. Individually, JR has been involved in different projects like Funky Organizers (who recently toured in Europe), on featurings by the East Garden label and also with his solo stuff. Beside the music he is also hosting events. Th’Acquisition wears also many hats. Beside being DJ, he is also a producer, organising events and doing workshops all over country. What the two have in common is doing a lot for the culture in the city of Rotterdam and their love for the music. So it was only a matter of time for the two to team up. They went on winning the Sena Grote Prijs 2017 with best act and the public’s choice.


We had the chance at the redaction to hear a preview of their first project “Bedtijd” (bedtime) and it’s a little masterpiece. You can hear that the experience is flowing all over each track and it’s calling for more, not only for the lyrics but also for the productions. It’s like all the pieces of the puzzle coming together effortlessly.
The two are now nominated for the Rotterdam Music Awards in the category “Promising act” (Belofte). It’s only a matter of time before they take on the international scenes with their act.

the couch

Mark the date in your agenda for the Rotterdam Music Awards: 11 December. And if you cannot attend, please vote for our favorite (yes, we are bias…don’t care)


Photo by:Rosa Quist Photography

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