YATFU “No more third world”

Between 1994 and 1995 BIG D, JOJO and GOFU are Yatfu!, the first hardcore rap group from Senegal.
In 1998, after many shows and a memorable one at the mythic venue “Sorano”, Yatfu released his first album “FENKU YATFU”. It was well received and the group continued to serve the fans with new projects until 2001. After a 4 years of preparation Yatfu drop his auto produced third album titled “NIETTELU BEUT”. It features Pyroman (from Assassin), Nabi, Aby N’dour and several others artists.

“KADDU WURUSS” will be the 4th album from Yatfu and is planned for release in September 2014.

Have a preview of the project with the single “No More Third World” produced by DREAMTOUCH.

Yatfu takes his inspiration from Africa,in the spirit and still remain modern with their music. The group’s trademark is to combine Wolof, English and french in their lyrics.

Yatfu has been featured in the album “Kool M Dee” from Da Brains, in the album of the group Tigrim Bi and in “Afrikan Underground” an international compilation produced by Nomadic Wax (label from New York).

By Mohamed Sy aka Gunsy

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FEL SWEETENBERG “The invisible garden” prod. by DJ BRANS

Another collaboration that been breaking necks recently is Fel Sweetenberg new project with DJ Brans titled “The invisible garden”.
It features Baltimore’s finest hard hitting group “Dirt Platoon” and DJ Djaz on the cuts.

Check the first single titled “The end of the book” and get familiar with the album after the visuals.

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MYST (PACTA VERBA) “L’avenir est flou”

Myst is ready to launch his solo EP in early September. Watch the video of the single track “L’avenir est flou”.

Myst is the mc of the group “Pacta Verba”, a french rap group from Nantes. Founded in 2011 it is composed of Da’siljah, Rout’s and Myst.
Their passion for writing brought them together. The love of music and the french language remain their trademark. The name “Pacta Verba” which means the harmony of the words was an oblivious choice for the group. In the hip hop since a longtime, the 3 mc’s have been influenced also by Reggae, Soul, Jazz and Blues.

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LE CERCLE “All around”

I didn’t know about the group Le Cercle until my best friend send me one of their video. The track is called “W.H.Y” and is taken off “All around”, their last album released in 2013. I am still ecstatic everytime I watch this video. Check it out !

Le Cercle was formed in 2004 with originally only musicians and a DJ from Britanny. They were mixing Funk, Electro and Cool Jazz.
Their style will brightened with the Jazz singer Fatiha Neuman and Brings, the mc joining the group in 2007.

“Magnetic”(2008), the debut album from Le Cercle is a melting pot of Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul and electro. A formula that works and will become the group’s trademark.
In 2013, and many shows on the resume Le Cercle has a more unique mature sound with the second
album “All Around”. Addition to the sounds already mentionned, the group incorporate Cuban and Reggae music to the formula supported by Jay Ree, MC Zenzile, K. Oni Micronologie and Jackson Reed.


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KOOL KEITH “Demolition crash”

Kool Keith aka Dr Octagon aka Black Elvis, aka Dr Dooom is an Icon. Throughout the years he has been exploring unknown lyrical territories and musical worlds, collaborating with an eclectic range of artists such as Roger Troutman, O.D.B, The Prodigy, Tricky or Deltron to name a few.
Kool Keith is more than ever your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.
“Demolition Crash” is Keith’s 19th studio album. Along with label mate Mr Sche (Magnetic Pimp Force Field) he co-produced it, but it’s mainly Junkaz Lou (Love & Danger, Tashan Dorrsett), who got his hands on the 37 tracks double album delivering hard, dark but still funky music.
Samples, drums, computers, scratches, machines and live instruments come together to create an evolutive background for Keith’s lyrical madness. Another masterpiece for all Kool Keith fans.

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MOSES ROCKWELL “Akwellington.Dweeb Supreme.One / Lunch money”

Moses Rockwell delivers his new 10 track project “Ahkwellington. Dweeb supreme. One.”
For the ones who found head-nodding an emergency, this new project doesn’t deceive a bit. The
productions are taking care of by Sharp, Kae Biz, John Rogers and Moses himself. The boom-bap track “Lunch Money” is raising the tension to a notch. And the lyrics take on a more introspective
tone but still manages to be entertaining and engrossing.
Yes, this is a thinking-man’s hip hop album. But it’s also built for those times when
you just want to vibe out to some good music. Press play and dig for yourself.

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