PARIS DJ’S / GRANT PHABAO & RACECAR “A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque”

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The new LP, from Grant Phabao & Racecar, is a blend of rap with funk, reggae, ska, afrofunk, jazz and soul instrumentals titled “A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque”. Feel good music all the way.

Grant Phabao and Racecar don’t need any introduction anymore. One being part the collective Paris DJ’S and the other being involved and collaborating on many projects (Sax Machine, Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Asagaya…) before you can start counting till three…
“C’est un exercice de styles” for both party like we say in France and the result is astonishing. The groove is the common factor on all the tracks. The goal is to release this project in September 2016 on a cd format and vinyl LP.

If you want to support a great cause and find your name on the booklet (or insert for the LP), or get yourself a collector t-shirt printed and illustrated by poster artist Ben Hito check the new crowdfunding campaign after this appetizer:

If you are diggin’good music this one cannot be missed in your collection if you ask me !

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Olivier is no rookie to music. The artist formerly known as Olivier Daysoul has toured the world as part of Oddisee’s band and worked with more then one of your favorite producers, be it Hudson Mohawke, Bibio, C2C, Onra or Oddisee. Now he lives in Berlin and decided it’s time for his own music, no compromises.

His upcoming “Black Music” EP on Jakarta was entirely produced by him, 90% of the instruments were played by him. Time for a new chapter, time for a new name. Get familiar.

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MELISSA NKONDA “Sodade” (cover Cesaria Evora)


When Melissa Nkonda covers Cesaria Evora…

Melissa is the daughter of an Algerian mother and a Cameroonian father.
In 2008, her mother forced her hand by signing her to a TV talent show. She didn’t make it far but at least millions of people discover her.
In 2011, her first single, titled “Nouveaux Horizons” of her first album, “Nouveaux Horizons” was the most played single on radio and TV all summer long.

What a VOICE !!

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H-TOWN “Green light”

H-Town _ Green Light1

“Greenlight” is the official lead single from the legendary R&B group H-Town. The track is off the group
new CD entitled “Child Support” on Spectra Music Group.

The group is now only composed of Solomon “Shazam” Conner and long time friend Darryl “G.I.” Jackson.
Back in 2003, they had to deal with the lost of Keven “Dino” Conner, (the twin brother of Shazam)who died in a tragic car accident.
This devasting blow to the group heartfelt and grieved by many did not discourage the artists or the fans. To date,Shazam and G.I. are flourishing carrying the sound of H-Town and representing the group’s core values, a self-proclaimed mission of bringing R & B back in tranquil strides with loyal fans in tow and new fans acquired daily.


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OSMOJAM feat. AKUJI “Let myself down”


Besides being a serial blogger and a defender of the groove made in France, Osmojam is also a Soul singer to the heart. With her new sound she is stepping out her comfort zone. And the result is promising and might open doors to international ventures.
The track is titled “Let myself down” and the sound pattern is layed by the beatmaker and percussionist Akuji (Bokaz, SineSquare).

Check the video here

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NTJAM ROSIE “Forever love”

Ntjam Rosie forever love

Mixing Soul, Jazz, Gospel and World music Ntjam Rosie is back with her fourth album titled “The One”.”
This project is raising the bar a notch further than “Elle” and “At the back of Beyond” her previous releases that both were nominated for an Edison Jazzism Award.
Pink Oculus, Eric Vloeimans, Ronald Snijders and Lamin Kuyateh are contributing to this new gem and we discover another side of Ntjam Rosise’s talent. She is producing it.
The first leak of the album is the single “Forever love”. Check the video directed by Bouba Dola.

Download the album here

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The band not to be missed live is surely Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra. Signed to the famous label Ubiquity Records, the music of the frenchies has often been add to Gilles Peterson’s radio playlists and also supporting a lot of Bboy cyphers. Their new album “Pulsion” is still available on vinyl for the addicts. Check it out !

Already up to something good the band is already planning a new release with Racecar (Sax Machine, Soulsquare, Modill…). Take a glimpse of the project

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NIKKY BOURBON “You got me (so anxious)”

Nikky Bourbon

Born in the Bronx, and raised in Hudson County New Jersey, Puerto Rican bred singer and songwriter, Nikky Bourbon, delivers a sound and lingo true to her urban roots, yet inspired by classic artists such as Johnny Cash and Billie Holiday. With an irresistible blend of different flavors and complex layers, her sultry vocals and edgy lyrics come together to create the perfect combination of timelessness and sensuality.

Appropriately titled “Drink Me Up”, her forthcoming EP is the perfect cocktail for you to sit down with, enjoy, and drink up until the last drop is gone.

As a preview of what is to come, Nikky Bourbon pours us a shot of her sweet yet powerful sound with her rendition of Ginuine’s sexy, “So Anxious”.

Her 2015 remake of the staple 90’s R&B track is sure to leave you yearning for a tall glass of Nikky Bourbon on the rocks.

Check the original and juge by yourself !

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