RAHLOU “Pillows”

Like a Kung-Fu master will teach his apprentice the Tiger Claws technique, Wally Clark, DJ and founder of the label Gummy Soul, teached Rahlou his art of producing and reaching the digital world.
“Pillows” is the result of Rahlou first sessions with the master. Check it out…

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BEATSDAILY ” Bombing BeatsDaily” presented by Producers United

Beats Daily is member of the collective Producers United. He just release his beat tape titled “Bombing Beats Daily”.
The beat tape’s got that classic hip-hop feel, plenty of sampling from the 60’s and 70’s on there. check it out !

Producers United is a collective group of producers, MCs and Promoters that have come together to support and build everyone’s musical careers.

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TEREM “Emotion is the key” beat tape

Known for his collaborative works with artists such as
Rockin’ squat, Oxmo Puccino, Kohndo, Melodiq, Sinuous, Sene, The Paranorml, Mr Brady, LMNO, Moka Only, Braille, Trek Life, Ahmad Jamal… french producer Terem released his second beattape titled “Emotion is the key”.

The project is a collection of hip hop, soul, jazz and electronic music, with as an overall theme, “Music is a feeling”….

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LORD FAZ “Feel Good Now (tribute to Vee One)”

“Feel good now” is the first video of the “LoVEE” beat tape in tribute to Vee One. Lord Faz who was his partner in crime give us a glimpse of her intimate moments with him and family.
Vee One was running the words game… She loved to have discussions, she had 20 dictionaries, she was a writer, she could run any discussion with very high quality language in french, english and créole.
She contributed to the exposure of many many mc’s through her interviews for several major Hip Hop magazines.

R.I.P Virginie Malet (7th February 1974 – 30th March 2011) and thank you for the contribution you made for this culture we all love.

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DRAFT DRUMZ “Machines”

Draft has a brand new bag of instrumentals. Like I told him on his previous work he better not disappoint me (not that he did before). I’m glad he didn’t..
This time he delivers a much Soulfull tape titled “Machines” laced with a classic boombap pattern.

Betta love it !

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QIWU “Tr3″

“Tr3″ is a collection of unmixed demos & draft songs, composed by french producer Qiwu, between 2010 and 2013, and released in their raw & unfinished form.

Now, imagine what it will be if the tracks were really mixed and masterised properly ?
Just saying !

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ARZIN “Beat tape # 2″

Nice going for the second beat tape from Arzin. Had to wait 2 years to hear from the beatmaker / beatboxer.
If you fan of trap music fast forward to the next (or previous) article ’cause Arzin is back with that headnodin’, neckbreakin’ good ol’ boombap sound.
You might want to pull up your pants while you at it…

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