PRY “Future, Past, Present, Infinity” / “Beautiful Thing” feat. INCKSALONIUS

PRY - Future Past Present Infinity PRY - Beautiful Thing

There is a key in the past, giving those who hold the understanding of this key, access to the future, while based in the present. Dutch hiphop producer, guitarist and bass player PRY has found this key, as you can hear on his debut album “Future, Past, Present, Infinity”.

This album marks a new chapter in PRY’s history as a producer and musician in The Netherlands. “Future, Past, Present, Infinity” started of as a collection of songs, until PRY found the common ground for those songs and transformed them into his first album.
It’s not just guests like Donte, Incksalonius, Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam, Buggs Tha Rocka, PAX and Jay Colin that make his album so versatile… yet it is also the combination of samples and live instruments used to make each track on the album.

Sounding like Jazzmatazz or the early Roots crew: PRY, shows his versatility, skills and passion for music on his first single “Beautiful Thing” where he teams up with Brooklyn based Incksalonius. The mixture of guitar and her melodic rap, paired with the saxophone and relaxed beat, tells a story of “beautiful things” creating the perfect ingredients for a musical cocktail hiphop lovers can kick their feet up to and enjoy.

For PRY summer is the feeling of jazz and relaxation. You can definitely hear it on the track.

From the golden age of hiphop and boombap, to the best of nineties and the underground raps today PRY is able to combine these elements and create an album that is for the true fans of the style.
“Future, Past, Present, Infinity” started in the past, gives joy in the present and just make you ask for more PRY in the future.

So get ready, tune in and chill out!

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PARIS DJ’S / GRANT PHABAO & RACECAR “A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque”

Grant_Phabao_and_Racecar-Petanque_540-1467804597 13754690_1037172602996890_2132811543695162693_n

The new LP, from Grant Phabao & Racecar, is a blend of rap with funk, reggae, ska, afrofunk, jazz and soul instrumentals titled “A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque”. Feel good music all the way.

Grant Phabao and Racecar don’t need any introduction anymore. One being part the collective Paris DJ’S and the other being involved and collaborating on many projects (Sax Machine, Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Asagaya…) before you can start counting till three…
“C’est un exercice de styles” for both party like we say in France and the result is astonishing. The groove is the common factor on all the tracks. The goal is to release this project in September 2016 on a cd format and vinyl LP.

If you want to support a great cause and find your name on the booklet (or insert for the LP), or get yourself a collector t-shirt printed and illustrated by poster artist Ben Hito check the new crowdfunding campaign after this appetizer:

If you are diggin’good music this one cannot be missed in your collection if you ask me !

Support here

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ALFRED BANKS “A Beautiful Song” & “Bless You” (Prod by CZA)

Alfred Banks

Alfred Banks writes a heartfelt letter & reminisces on all the good & bad times he shared with his brother.

Born and raised in Uptown New Orleans Alfred Banks grew up with a love for two things, sneakers and rap. At an early age Alfred knew he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his mentor and older brother Orlandas Banks and make music just like him, all while rocking the hottest kicks around. His brother’s support and guidance kept Alfred afloat through all the hectic times in his life, but when Orlandas departed for the Marines, Alfred began to see an emotional disconnect in their relationship.

During the years without his brother by his side Alfred experienced some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Alfred’s talent and insane work ethic helped him bounce back from being homeless and landed him various co signs from outlets like Complex and Revolt. Alfred even worked his way onto his first national tour alongside his close friend Mickey Factz. But Orlandas wasn’t around to share these moments with his little brother because he committed suicide after battling schizophrenia. It was the worst day of Alfred’s life when he got the news, but he knew that no matter what Orlandas wanted him to fulfill his dreams.

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GERY MENDES “Not ready”

Gery Mendes Caminho

The road of life is never without trials and tribulations. Do we hold on to what is or are we willing to let go and embrace the unknown and be ready for change?
Welcome Gery Mendes; a Cape Verdean musician, poet, mc, actor, producer residing in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Not too long ago, he released his sophomore album entitled “Caminho”, a 12 track album which features “Memories” as the first single and “Not ready” as the second. To give you a new set of visuals he joined forces with Congolese filmmaker Bouba Dola for ” Not Ready”, a beautiful but simple video about life and the constant changes we encounter.

For all the bookers out there, if you searching for the next big thing for your festival look no further, Gery Mendes is the essence of a true artist. With his band or by himself for an acoustic set he will rock the house. He really deserve bigger stages to shared craft his music with a large audience.

15 APRIL – GROUNDS, ROTTERDAM (full band) with a video premiere of his 3rd single “Wonder”
24 APRIL – V11, ROTTERDAM (acoustic set)

For more info contact: Gery Mendes,

DOWNLOAD “Caminho” here

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Still sad about the death of one of my heroe. I had the chance to catch Phife Dawg and Tribe Called Quest during their last tour as a unit in Paris…It was legendary ! Too bad we won’t have the chance to hear “Muttymorphosis” his second album he was working on. I really hope that we at least will have the opportunity to hear the complete track “Nutshell” (produced by J. Dilla) because it leaves a taste of becoming an instant classic.

Trompetist Miles Bonny, who in my eyes is also one of the most underrated singer / producer out there and Busta Rhymes (check his Instagram) are paying tribute in their own way to Phife. Rest in power…

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