Doolay is fighting the corrupt system with music as his weapon.
Born Papa Abdoulaye DIOP, the african multi-instrumentalist, made his first step in 2002 as a mc within the group Makefire. 3 years later he decided to go solo and switch gear by making Reggae.
His love of the music and a diploma in his pocket push him towards a musical teaching formation at the National school of Arts. But in 2012, he got noticed by the label Duke Production with the track and video “Gestoul Wa Rewmi” that condemn the excess of the power that be all over Africa.
Through the label he will get to work with The Giants on the song “Across the border”, they arranged.
From this experience the track “Babylon” will followed, leading towards the album “Prélude” in 2013.
Get familiar!


From our correspondant Mohamed Sy in Senegal

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