Even though nowadays Marcus Price is mainly acting as a producer and DJ in clubs all over Sweden and regularly dropping remixes, it’s for his skills as an MC that Marcus was selected to be part of Diversidad.
He started rapping with his brother and formed together Fattaru. True to his Swedish background, Marcus is not the demonstrative type but when he goes freestyle that’s when he reveals his real self! You’ll get to see it on the Diversidad series now online with 14 upcoming episodes to discover the 20 artists featured on the album.









Read Marcus “Mackan” Price’s biography – rapper, dj, producer
Marcus is the youngest son of american jazz-musician Melvyn Price. Marcus brother Mingus is also a rapper in Fattaru, and their older brother Magnum Coltrane Price is also a career musician mostly known for being playing bass, writing and producing for the famous jazz & funk -band Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit.
When Marcus was 17 years old his rap group Fattaru landed a major record-deal which resulted in 3 albums and several hit-singles in Scandinavia. Their debut-album won 2 Swedish grammy-awards in 2002.

In 2006 Marcus started dj:ing in clubs and producing his own music, moving more towards styles such as electro, techno, dubstep, house, grime, dancehall and the new Scandinavian electronic-funk-movement “skweee”.
With his own project Basutbudet he quickly made a name for himself as one of the most innovative and influencial artists on the Swedish underground-scene.
In 2007 & 2008 Marcus was employed by Riksteatern on the street-dance tours “Pump Up The Jam” and “2 New Days Of Hiphop”, working as dj, host and mc – along world class dancers Go, Niki Tsappos, Meech, and Steph.

Fattaru – Fatta eld (2001)
Majestic 3 – Ill-Batting (2002)
Fattaru – Jordnära (2003)
Fattaru – Mina drömmars stad (2006)
Basutbudet – Startpaketet (2007)
Basutbudet – Pluspaketet (2007)
Sexfemman – Grimaschmusik (2009)
Fattaru – Mina Hundar/Salut (2001)
Fattaru – Första femman/Gul å blå del två (2001)
Fattaru – Hela natten lång (2001)
Fattaru – Festen är här (2002)
Fjärde Världen – Ingen Annan (2003)
Fattaru – 100:- (2006)
Fattru – Hörde jag skål (2006)
Mapei – Video Vixen (2006)
Safehouse Staff – Vikken Stil 7″ (2008)
Safehouse Staff – Surf 7″ (2009)
Hedmark & Marcus Price – Nålar 7″ (2009)
Den svenska underjorden (2000)
Ordkrig (2001)
Framåt! – För Palestinas befrielse (2002)
Dødpop Vol. 1 (2009)

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