For all the people involve in the culture, associations, Hip Hop, RNB, Reggae, Jazz, grafitti and Dance artists, the international Rapandar festival is inviting 50 countries to represent their country at his 10th edition from 29 April till 2nd of May 2015. Also to stimulate the International cultural exchanges.

To develop and promote the culture and tourism in Senegal, partners are also invited to join in.
Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance, painting, Arts expositions, Rapandar expect 240 Artistes who will be spread throughout the night clubs, bars and podiums in the Saint Louis area.

The Festival RAPANDAR was created to promote hip-hop music from the city of St. Louis, Senegal. Through the organization of this grand event of national scale and international scope, with numerous artists coming from diverse horizons, the organisation is hoping to reaffirm the bonds of solidarity, humanity and peace, all the values carried out through the music of rap and reggae.

From the 20th April till the 2nd of May, the program will includes linguistics stays, workshops, Soccer tournament, Cocktail, Dance and singing contests, album release, Art expositions, music concerts…

For more informations don’t hesitate to contact the organisation here

Videos: Guinee Buzz TV, Flexy Jelly

From Mohamed Sy aka Gun SY

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