KOOL KEITH “Demolition crash”

Kool Keith aka Dr Octagon aka Black Elvis, aka Dr Dooom is an Icon. Throughout the years he has been exploring unknown lyrical territories and musical worlds, collaborating with an eclectic range of artists such as Roger Troutman, O.D.B, The Prodigy, Tricky or Deltron to name a few.
Kool Keith is more than ever your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.
“Demolition Crash” is Keith’s 19th studio album. Along with label mate Mr Sche (Magnetic Pimp Force Field) he co-produced it, but it’s mainly Junkaz Lou (Love & Danger, Tashan Dorrsett), who got his hands on the 37 tracks double album delivering hard, dark but still funky music.
Samples, drums, computers, scratches, machines and live instruments come together to create an evolutive background for Keith’s lyrical madness. Another masterpiece for all Kool Keith fans.

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