YATFU “No more third world”

Between 1994 and 1995 BIG D, JOJO and GOFU are Yatfu!, the first hardcore rap group from Senegal.
In 1998, after many shows and a memorable one at the mythic venue “Sorano”, Yatfu released his first album “FENKU YATFU”. It was well received and the group continued to serve the fans with new projects until 2001. After a 4 years of preparation Yatfu drop his auto produced third album titled “NIETTELU BEUT”. It features Pyroman (from Assassin), Nabi, Aby N’dour and several others artists.

“KADDU WURUSS” will be the 4th album from Yatfu and is planned for release in September 2014.

Have a preview of the project with the single “No More Third World” produced by DREAMTOUCH.

Yatfu takes his inspiration from Africa,in the spirit and still remain modern with their music. The group’s trademark is to combine Wolof, English and french in their lyrics.

Yatfu has been featured in the album “Kool M Dee” from Da Brains, in the album of the group Tigrim Bi and in “Afrikan Underground” an international compilation produced by Nomadic Wax (label from New York).

By Mohamed Sy aka Gunsy

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