The association Pick Up Production from Nantes and the artist Kazy Usclef invited about twenty artists, coming from South America, Spain or France, who worked in the building during the whole month of June. Whether painters, illustrators, plastic manipulators, they all share, in their own way, an artistic culture strongly influenced by muralism, this pictorial movement that started in Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century as a continuation of the revolution.

The artists are the legacy of a movement that settled himself new horizons, thanks to the melting of different techniques and materials (felt-pen, aerosol, wood, cement). They kept the vision of muralism as a popular art, easily understandable, and the recurrent themes as well, such as the new discovery of cultural roots.

The present exhibition is the result of a whole month of artistic activity, fraught with exchanges, meetings and collaborations. It also offers a last life to this building, which will be destroyed in early 2015, in order to make an important real estate project that will completely change the borough’s shape.

Pics by Fersen Sherkann & Pick Up

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