HIP HOP CAFE: 25 September by GROUNDS

There is a new spot in town for Hip Hop fiends: it’s the Hip Hop Cafe in Grounds. Every month, the place has the ambition to become the meeting place for the culture and the Rotterdam’s Hip Hop scene.
Also the Hip Hop Cafe purpose is to change the actual politicate climate and its attendant image of young people in the hip-hop scene and offer a positive sound.

Mixmaster Fader, one of the regional famous DJ, is in charge of the music in a bar-dancing setting at the Café Podium Grounds. MixMaster Fader has a specific style of mixing that he refers as “The Art of DJ’ing”.

What you can expect at the Hip Hop Cafe is a combination of new and old artists, discoveries, discussions, documentaires, films, lectures. A big chance for everyone alike to go deep into the
So if you want to have a complete picture of a culture that have influenced the world for more that 3 decades, pay a visit to the Hiphop Café.

For more infos check http://www.grounds.nu

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