Mark this date on your calendar peeps and come to support the Hip Hop House at the benefit matinee the 20th December at the Nieuwe Luxor Theater.

With the lessons costing more than they bring in, the main goal of the Hip Hop House is to still continue to give quality lessons at an attractive price for the masses. In order to do so the guardian of this culture we all love, is in need of 40.000 euro to stay fit.

The Hip Hop House is already got the support from artists like Typhoon, Ronnie Flex, Mr. Probz. They let see how important this institution is for the old and young generation alike. And also international dancers like Terry Brooklyn, Archie Burnett or “So You Think You Can Dance”‘s judge Jan Kooijman encourage you to support this action.

The tickets for the benefit are minimum 20 euro. If you can’t attend, you can also make a donation at the bank account NL93RABO0149222017 to HipHopHuis Holland. Because of his ANBI status you can get a part of your donation back from the IRS (Belastingdienst).

What to expect:
The matinee starts with the annual Tuff Enuff Awards. 20 teachers of the Hip Hop Huis put their most talented students to the spotlight.
The Korean breakdance crew Morning of Owl will show their skillz. Typhoon will do an acoustic performance. More than 300 dancers will try to break the Soul Train world record with the vocal guidance and music from Shirma Rouse and DJ Rob Manga.

For all updates visit and spread the word. Everybody is welcome

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