KRISWONTWO “Ceremoni” / Interview


Copenhagen(DENMARK)producer Kriswontwo is finally about to drop his long awaited full length album “CEREMONI”. The style and flair on this project is a delicate mix of Hip Hop & Neo -Soul hidden gems. If you want to get a mixture of dopeness, this album is for you. Featuring guest appareances by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oh No, MED, Stacy Epps, Omar and slew of new comers, you need to have the complete album in your mix…

It’s time to have a chat with this versatile producer.

UncutHipHop- For the people you don’t know you yet, Who is Kriswontwo ?


KRISWONTO: I’m a music producer out of Copenhagen Denmark

UHH- What inspire you and who are your influences ?

Kris: Wow, there are too many to mention because I listen to all kinds of music.
But I’m not only inspired by music, nature is the greatest piece of art. I
love whales, mountains, trees… Space.
In music one of my greatest influences is Georgia Anne Muldrow. She really
inspires me to make music.

UHH- “Ceremoni” is your debut album, can you tell us about it and in terms of the people
that you put together for this project ?

Kris: It’s actually my first album and I’m really happy about having so many
wicked artists on the record that I’ve looked up to for many years! It all
really came together naturally meeting through mutual friends. When you get
the record on September 14 you gotta listen from the top to the bottom
because there are so many directions on it. I do lot’s of styles but I keep
it raw!

UHH- You’ve been producing for Georgia Anne Muldrow for awhile now,and your album
will be released on her label “SomeOthaShip Connect”. How did you hook up ?

Kris: We did a song back in 2011 and some years later we talked about doing an
Ep, and then we just did it. The Ms. One Ep turned out really great and we
got incredible feedback from everywhere!*

UHH- We have been having a lot of discussions at the office about the state of
Hip Hop at the moment. For a big part there is only one sound that dominate
the charts and the clubs. And the new generation is currently consuming
music as snacks. Who would say is your audience for “Ceremoni” ?

Kris: It’s for all the people who need that organic hip hop but are also
searching for what’s really different.

UHH- What’s on the far horizon for Kriswontwo ?

Kris: I’m already working on the follow up project to this one! I have also
produced an Ep for Nicholas Ryan Gant that I’m really satisfied with.
Nicholas is all about that vocal chord science! I don’t know when it’s
coming out tho.*

UHH- Which other artists you would like to work with ?

Kris: I would really like to work with Lupe Fiasco, he is crazydope! Lalah
Hathaway too, one of my favorite singers!

UHH- Any advice(s) for any starting producer and how to get their
productions across ?

Kris: Haha, I’m brand new myself :) But if I should say something, I would
definately encourage people to learn from all situations. There’s always a
blessing in disguise.

To already get the ball rolling check out the two singles below.


Visit for all videos, music & social media and purchase the album.

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