MANIFESTING A DREAM- “A Young Visionary Manifests HipHop Dreams in the Underground”

Manifesting A Dream follows a young & aspiring independent Hip Hop artist (Kush Limbu) from a small town in Belgium with a vision of Hip Hop that has nothing to do with fast cars, money or ‘bling bling’. Through his music, dance & interactions, he attempts to transport us back to the roots of Hip Hop, when the music was clean, dance moves were simple and the message crystal clear. In a commercially-driven world, where abstract concepts and subliminal messages influence the masses, and auto-tuned sounds rule the music charts, Kush deliberately steers his dreams away from what he believes to be “the highest form of slavery”. In other words, avoiding being trapped in a system controlled by the ‘illuminati’, a controversial subject he is unafraid to broach but fearful of losing himself to. Instead, he finds freedom and manifests positivity in the underground circle where a pure of love of Hip Hop is the driving force and the money secondary. With an emphasis on the simple values of life, Kush communicates his vision through his craft to anyone with an open mind.

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Source: Mamita L. Settling

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