PRY “Future, Past, Present, Infinity” / “Beautiful Thing” feat. INCKSALONIUS

PRY - Future Past Present Infinity PRY - Beautiful Thing

There is a key in the past, giving those who hold the understanding of this key, access to the future, while based in the present. Dutch hiphop producer, guitarist and bass player PRY has found this key, as you can hear on his debut album “Future, Past, Present, Infinity”.

This album marks a new chapter in PRY’s history as a producer and musician in The Netherlands. “Future, Past, Present, Infinity” started of as a collection of songs, until PRY found the common ground for those songs and transformed them into his first album.
It’s not just guests like Donte, Incksalonius, Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam, Buggs Tha Rocka, PAX and Jay Colin that make his album so versatile… yet it is also the combination of samples and live instruments used to make each track on the album.

Sounding like Jazzmatazz or the early Roots crew: PRY, shows his versatility, skills and passion for music on his first single “Beautiful Thing” where he teams up with Brooklyn based Incksalonius. The mixture of guitar and her melodic rap, paired with the saxophone and relaxed beat, tells a story of “beautiful things” creating the perfect ingredients for a musical cocktail hiphop lovers can kick their feet up to and enjoy.

For PRY summer is the feeling of jazz and relaxation. You can definitely hear it on the track.

From the golden age of hiphop and boombap, to the best of nineties and the underground raps today PRY is able to combine these elements and create an album that is for the true fans of the style.
“Future, Past, Present, Infinity” started in the past, gives joy in the present and just make you ask for more PRY in the future.

So get ready, tune in and chill out!

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