THE STRANGEST FREAKS feat. DUDLEY PERKINS “Check out The Sound” / “Initiation”

The Strangest Freaks - Check Out The Sound

The Strangest Freaks are PRY and Binkbeats. Building a bridge between hip hop, disco rap and old school p-funk, “Check Out the Sound” is their first single of their upcoming album “Thrills Galore”. The track has a great beat, combined with a sophisticated bass line. Binkbeats is unleashed on the vibraphone, featured MC Dudley Perkins tells his story about the golden age of hip hop and PRY’s guitar sounds just like George Clinton would have liked it.

The second single “Initiation” is nailing the coffin’ as the two impose their own style and we can hear how they compliment each other. This is mastery in motion throughout the whole project…


After all is not for nothing that they are called The Strangest Freaks. Stay tuned for “Thrills Galore” to be released this month.

The Strangest Freaks - Banner 1

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