To announce their venue in Europe this spring Trainspotters and Uncut Hip Hop are launching a remix contest of the single “Fan first” from their new album “Dirty North”. The album is entirely produced by Academics.
It was recently nominated for best hip hop / soul album 2010.
After almost a dozen releases on vinyl, mixtape, cassette and online in Sweden and Japan, live shows in the US and Europe as well as one of the year’s most popular music videos, it’s now time for Trainspotters debut album. George Kaplan & Rewind (born 1988 and 1986) also chooses, together with their label Random Bastards, to release it for free online

Check the video directed by David Sandberg.

Download the acapella here

Send your track, only MP3 file, under the name [Trainspotters – Beats first], before 5 March to

The price winner will have his remix featured at and will also appeared in the next Uncut Files (nr 6) that will be send through the network to industry professionals.


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