DIVERSIDAD: STOP ! episode 10 & album review

It was originally planned to record 10 tracks in 10 days. But thanks to the amazing efficiency and unique work atmosphere that was created in the studio, at the end 15 tracks were recorded. 14 songs will be on the album. Discover what this exclusive 15th song is about.

When I received the album, after a quick listen I put the cd aside. Later on I played it again and start to get really jovious. The reason why the project is called Diversidad started to make sense.

Put 20 artists from different countries together regardless of the ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds with the challenge to make an album in 10 days is more than ambitious.
First, props to the organisation. Props also to the producers who manage to create an original and colourfull musical atmosphere for the mc’s. The first track is the perfect introduction of the artists and the project. “I got it” with an all female collaboration and a banger production from Spike Miller set the level high for the boys to compete. Coming from different countries and having different styles, Melodee, Remi and Mariama manage to create a powerful energy around each other lines.

“Cookin in your pot” is the hypnotic track and club banger by excellence. The producers from Spain, Cookin’ Soul are really living to their reputation. The production is minimalist and still you feel like hittin’ the dancefloor and bust some moves. Good cookin’ !!

“The anthem” with Rival, Nach, Marcus Price & GMB is the revenge of the boys on the girls. In my eyes it’s mos definitely the next single. My 4 years old nephew, the first thing he does when he’s visiting with his parents, is to put it on repete and start dancing and singing the hook along. No matter which language used he knows the track line for line.
You almost would say that the 4 mc’s will be rapping together for years.

Diversidad, is not only an unique experience for the mc’s an everyone involve in the project, it’s also a good way to learn different languages. The only minipoint is that there’s no translation to understand what the mc’s are rhyming about.
For someone like me it’s a always a pleasure to discover new artists. I didn’t know most of the mc’s and now I’m diggin to know more about them.
It’s also a relief to see that the european Hip Hop is finally getting the spotlight he deserves.
What is more amazing during the whole album by seeing the videos now is the respect between all the artists. Egos are pushed aside and what is left is room for creativity and mutual love for rap music.

Altough the first Diversidad album was good this one set the tone very high. You can feel the hunger of each artists to get finally the national and international recognition they deserve.
It will be another challenge for the organisation to top this one.
Diversidad, is not only an unique experience, it is a one nation under the groove as well…

The Diversidad album will be released by Believe Digital on February 14, through a worldwide online distribution
and by V2/Munich Records on February 21 through a physical distribution in the Benelux. The album includes 14 tracks representing the highest level of contemporary European hip hop.

source: Diversidad

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