GDP “Useless eaters”

GDP is a decorated underground emcee in hip hop realms who is crew with legends like Young Zee (8 Mile Soundtrack, The Fugees “The Score” album), Rah Digga and Tame One and has opened for Wu Tang several times and toured Australia with The RZA.
He has just released his new album “Useless Eaters”.

In a genre where artists are not typically concerned with producing cohesive pieces of music, “Useless Eaters” is just that. Combining futuristic grime with homage to hip hop’s past, “Useless Eaters” is GDP’s most focused effort as well as his darkest. Lyrically, the album fits together like puzzle pieces made of sharp glass with content ranging from cynical to sincere, ignorant to truly insightful

The album was almost entirely produced by Australian producer Aoi (who is on Wax Museum Records over there which is like their version of Stones Throw). The album is a loose concept album about the end of society but also dips into the dark lyrical realm that Odd Future populates.

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