HAS LO “Untitled #1 (Hold on)

For the ones that missed a couple weeks ago the song “Untitled #1 (Hold On)” from Has-Lo’s critically acclaimed album “In Case I Don’t Make It”, where were you ?
Ok, here’s your chance to download the track again.

This is one of the most personal song from Has Lo and today you can also enjoy the official music video directed by Antonio Battle who also came up with the visual concepts.
With this video Has Lo wants us to take glimpse in his life:
– How he had to deal with the passing of his Grandmother.
– the visit to a lost relative on the anniversary of their passing.
– How music plays a big part in his life

Sometimes a song is just a song and not everyone understand the concept behind it. Visuals sometimes help !

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Leave your comments if you related to song and the video.

to put the cherry on the cake here’s an extra treat:

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