Beside my love for music I like fashion so I’d like to put the focus on this young designer called Doline Legrand, or just DO. Inspire by the beauty of Africa she create a line for women which I think get the attention of many. The concept is between painting, graphic design and fashion.

DO is an artist and graduate of Fine Arts University of Fine Arts.
Her wish is to move the painting out of the world of fashion to bring it in the street.
The paint is too often confined, enclosed by the space enclosed by canvas. It is too often rendered immobile by the exhibition spaces.

DO moves her paintings off the walls to introduce them into the world of fashion with textile as new support. Thus paintings began to travel …. the works themselves become mobile and walk the streets. Out of any predefined artistic universe, they are found mixed with the urban space with which they will then exchange, live, communicate and live together ….

In making her art nomad DO wishes “witness”, share, speak, addressing the others … This concept of mix can be found in the minds of his paintings that speak of Africa, between traditions and modernity.

Do is describing Africa with the image by mixing patterns and faces. The faces are increasing, interacting, merging. They are sometimes fabrics …. sometimes make up that reflect the beauty of Africa.

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