What’s your sneaker thing?

For all it’s worth I shop at Foot Locker, ’cause they always seem to get the new Jordans first! They the flyest sneaker store on the earth.

© – Saigon – Foot Locker Spot

Sneakers always seem to get creative brains to run hot. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rap song like Saigon did, customized sneakers or a fancy animation inspired by a fresh new pair of kicks, Many people get inspired by sneakers to do awesome things.

Now footlocker is starting a brand new global movement to support all of us who feel we need to spread our love for the sneaker game. By creating “What’s your sneaker thing?” They provide sneaker heads with a platform where we can share everything “sneaker related” with the whole wide world. Through www.footlocker.eu/itsasneakerthing you can upload news articles, photo’s  and video’s. There are already so many interesting video’s on the website. For example you can take a look at Eminem’s sneaker collection or see how Maybach Music Group (Rick Ross) is rocking their cypher with fresh new Jordan’s on their feet.

As told you can also upload your own media, so start getting creative now! or just take a look and get blown away by some great animations and videos. If you upload something to the website. Your name will of course be mentioned so you can generate some buzz of your own.

This is a great initiative and Uncut Hiphop is fully supporting Footlocker in this brand new adventure. By combining new social media sources with our love for the sneaker game they have truly created something new and inspiring. Being a sneaker head is still somehow related to a “not so mainstream sub culture” but with these initiatives we can take it to a higher level and show everybody in the world how to love this culture and lifestyle.

We like to thank Unruly Media and Footlocker for sharing this with us.

Sponsored by Footlocker

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