At night after all the series, reality shows and other programs are passed in revue on the TV, in most of the channels it’s time for sex to be advertise and for poker tournaments to invade the air (mostly after midnight). Altough I like sex, those 0906…commercials are not very appealing for me. As a midnite marauder beside surfing on the internet or listening to the tons of demos I’m receiving, I like to watch the poker competitions. It’s amazing to see the degree of concentration and focus the players must have to try to bluf their way towards the thousand or millions of dollars price money.
But what strikes me the most is the lack of music. Is it because it will disturb the players ? Or is it because there’s no music that will suited them. Why not blast a good old school rap or some dope ass Beat M Up beats through the speakers ? That will be funny to see Erik Seidel or Johnny Chan singing along Rapper’s Delight or bust a freestyle while playing.
Will they still continued to win…I wonder ?

Pics: courtesy of Boogiedown & Partypoker

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