Funky Fresh is presenting their 1st online beatmaking contest:

1. You make one funktastic beat on a sample provided that will transport us back to the BoomBap/Golden Era of HipHop, with as much creativity, substance and innovation as you can throw in.

2. To submit, post your beat on this event page and simultaneously email it to on or before the 30th of November

3. The public can cast their votes on their favourite beat out of our EIGHT chosen finalists in the poll section on our FunkyFresh page.

4. If your beat captures our hearts, your skills will not go unnoticed. Which means, it will be heavily promoted in the underground HipHop circuit and it will also be used as ‘the’ instrumental for MC’s to lay their verses on for our subsequent online MC competition – ‘Funky Rhymez’.

5. If this ain’t enough, we’ll also be using all the winning beats and songs from the Beatmaking & MC competitions for our collective mixtape project – ‘FunkyKollabz’.

* Deadline for this competition is 28th Nov 2011.

* Public voting opens 28th Nov until 4th Dec 2011.

* There will be 10 competitions each for Funky Beatz & Funky Rhymez.

* To participate, email us your artist name @

Download sample here :

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