Vinyl Frontiers Presents: Everything Is Vinyl

Producers Vinyl Frontiers, who just starting to get a buzz from their work with artists like Muneshine (Larger than Life EP) and Maffew Ragazino (Yowsers!, St Maffew, Birdseyeview, etc) are back with a new project.
This time they released 15 beats on a tape called “Everything Is Vinyl”
Unlike a lot of beattapes and instrumental projects there are no tags, cuts or other sound effects over the beats.
In fact, they specifically encourage everybody to grab these beats and use them. They even set up an emailadress to submit whatever people record on these beats.
“We want to be a part of everybody’s career so besides just displaying what we’ve been up to the last few months we thought why not give all MC’s the opportunity to rock these beats and see if we can discover some hidden, unknown talent out there.

Listen and download the beats

Submit recordings on these beats to:

The best submissions will be upload to the soundcloud page of Vinyl Frontiers

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