Sax Machine is a Jazz/Hip-Hop group, with members from France and the USA (living in France).
Hard bop, afro beat, funk or hip hop and Jazz collide into a new irrestible sound that invite you to dance.
This formula imagined by talented saxophonist Guillaume Sené (Like Jam) and Pierre Dandin (trombonist of Sergent Garcia, Malted Milk and Mix City) transforms the art of improvisation into a mesmerizing brass colored groove mixed and merged with loopers and machines.
Jay Ree, old-school style rapper close to americans Black Thoughts (The Roots), Common Sense or Guru, and who also voices for Zenzile, Like Jam or City Kay, adds his top notch touch as master of ceremony, delivering his conscious lyrics and soulful vibes.

With a brand new release titled “Reloop”, Sax Machine got a new deluxe featuring in the name of RacecaR, lyricist par excellence who brings positivity and Native Tongue flavored style to the mix.
With a career of over 20 years, RacecaR has plenty of collaborations under his belt, most known for his work in the Chicago duo Modill.

He has recently begun works with Blanka (of La Fine Equipe and A State of Mind), Creestal Atoms (of CM Jones), SoulSquare ( a group of seasoned producers which includes DJ Atom of C2C and Beat Torrent fame), DJ Suspect (formerly of the The Funk League), and Alakazam (Zulu Nation Paris), amongst many other very relevant artists in the French Hip-Hop scene. He continues to extend his network and garner praise while showing his quality, energy-fillled performance, to a number of crowds around France. With RacecaR, Jay Ree, and SaxMachine, the new EP “RELOOP” is already gathering attention and will prove to be a classic, as the crew continues to work towards a proper full-length release.

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