2 PAC “7 dayz”: the movie

Gobi M. Rahimi was the videographer of the late 2Pac. For 8 months he followed the artist in his everyday life. We all know his music, the movies he made, his beef with Notorious Big, the police and him being shot in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson fight. But only a few knew that he was about to leave the controversial label he was on: Death Row.
“7Dayz” is a behind-the-scenes peek, into the last days in the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur narrated by Chuck D.

As there’s a lot of footage Mr Rahimi is seeking the help of Tupac’s supporters for fundings in matter to finish to project. In exchange for contributions to the film you will get exclusive goodies, including never-before-released photos and video clips.
The release date is planned for the 16 June 2013 for Tupac 42nd birthday.

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