AMP LIVE “Kaleidoscope theory” EP

Amp Live is building a rep as one of cali’s most talented and diverse music producer/djs. After his dreamy soulful beats for the hip hop group Zion I, he has been able to officially remix and produce for major and independent artist such as Bassnectar, Green Day, Akon(Warner), Atmosphere, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls(Interscope), Rebelution, , MGMT, Linkin Park, Goapele, The Submarines, and Eligh. Most importantly, a major factor in Amplive’s success has also been his critcally acclaimed “Rainydayz Remixes” album for the rock group Radiohead’s In Rainbows LP. Always experimenting, Amplive uses elements of rock, electronic music, jazz, and hip hop to combine genres and make them fit together well.

Kaleidoscope Theory (The Color EP) is the new EP from the producer. Through this rich EP, the artist explores the sonic avenues of color through each, uniquely executed arrangement. It no doubt brings to mind the experimental work of Miles Davis on Davis’s own color themed record, “Aura”. Amp Live blends these jazz influences from the past, using samples and live performances and fuses them with a modern, urban, and futuristic twist through electronic sounds and slapping Hip-Hop drums. But in no way is this EP strictly an instrumental work, as many voices come and go from beginning to end in what culminates in a multi-faceted, fluidly shifting and even psychedelic record that harkens to the legendary EPs of the past.


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