It’s been a minute since we heard from the mother of the Soul movement in the Netherland.
Taking time to raise the kids, coaching, developping young talents (Harvest me) and being involve with the marketing of the city, Tasha’s World actually never was far away from the scene…
She slowly record her 3rd studio album and her most personal to date titled “Blck Gld”
Her first album back in 2001 was only released in Japan and from there Tasha’s reputation growed bigger by each new releases (Tasha’s World – 2002, World Domination – 2004). It will bring her to perform on some of the most prestigious stages in the world (North Sea Jazz festival in the Hague and South Africa, London Jazz Cafe, S.O.B’s in New York…) and collect a Emma Award, a Silver Harp and a Essent Award.

Ok, back to her new album “Blck Gld” which contains 14 tracks, she self wrote the lyrics and took part of the production. The musicians involve in the project are composed of Furlan Felter (Re-Freshed Orchestra), Steve Hartley, Ronald Snijders, Vie Le, DJ Spinna…the result is a flawless all around production. The Soul is mixed with Jazz and flirting with Hip Hop. We are dealing here with a masterpiece…pure Gold.

If you are looking for a place in your shelves to store this cd once you cop it you can just put it next to Jill Scott or Angie Stone. Or just leave it on your cd player in repeat mode !


One thought on “TASHA’S WORLD “Blck Gld”

  1. Love Love Love this soulful album!

    I was lucky to be one of the first to hear the songs come to life when I was at the studio in LA where they were working on the album. I fell in love with the music and became a huge fan. Tasha did such a great job, not only on her writing & singing, she did it independently and managed to put a great team together and for this album worked closely with LA production unit “Beat Royalty” ( Chris Kooreman & Edo Plasschaert ) who produced the majority of the album. Tasha also co-produced some of the songs.
    Chris & Edo are also known as the producers who were responsible for the successful platinum debut album “Yellow Brick Road” of Sabrina Starke. What I understand Tasha knows these guys a long time and are also originally from the same hometown, Rotterdam and understand what soul music is about. Since Tasha knows them very well, she knew what they would bring to the table and would be the right match. This album turned out to be a very tasteful, diverse soul album. It’s a great listen from beginning to end. The intro and outro with her daughter melts my heart. The sexy soulful duet “First Time” with Ryan Toby is hot, the single “Running” a Hip Hop track with Sean “SB” Butler is just epic. “Black Moon” feels like a Quincy Jones / Michael Jackson track. The groovy disco-ish track “Give me tonight” makes me wanna dance. The song “Yeye” is again something different. It has an Afro Beat feel. She sings in her mother language Surinam and features Ronald Snijders. Even though I don’t understand that language it makes me feel good! Anyway I can keep talking about the album how wonderful i think it is, but agree with Uncut hiphop to leave cd player in repeat mode. If you don’t have the album yet, get it and find out for yourself.

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