To celebrate Gshock 30th year anniversary, the Dutch companies URBMATH, Filling Pieces, OntFront and Ceizer, united with the brand to create a limited time piece.
The inspiration for this unique project is Raekwon’s line “Times is rough and tough like leather” (from the song C.R.E.A.M by the legendary Wu Tang Clan).
This collaboration is limited to only 10 watches.

The 28th November a handmade black all leather Gshock will be released, including a special edition triangular shaped carton. The Gshock is wrapped in split leather and crafted in the Netherlands. This couture-like time piece is covered with leather from housing to strap. It features a black face plate with a golden shimmer.

What all participating brands have in common here is their desire to innovate with street culture as
starting point. The challenge for this collaboration was to create a high end Gshock that reflects the
identities of all participating brands.
To strengthen the overall concept of the watch a large multi media installation piece was created, a triangular shaped object of three meters high made of all black leather. This art piece will be unveiled the 28th November at 21:00 in the old power plant ‘Kraftwerk’ in Berlin (the Gshock event that honours their 30th anniversary).

If you want to obtain this watch, vote for this concept
so it will be manufactured in a limited run of 200 pieces.

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