We are proud to welcome Kenneth Love to our team. Kenneth will have a monthly column called “MuBiz with Dr. Kenneth Love”. He will give you tips and insights about the music industry.

As a writer/author, Dr. Kenneth Love presents his literary works as a; novelist, columnist, video scriptwriter, poet, composer, lyricist, short story writer, and playwright

His new column will present “how to” instructional articles that assist and aid musicians and recording artists on how to maximize positive results for their music success from public exposure as well as financial standpoints in order to compete in today’s 21st Century professional Music environment.

For a number of years, with him having dual music and writing backgrounds, he wrote career advice content for Music and Entertainment publications, with their target audiences being that of creative artists, i.e., musicians, recording artists, and writers.

He also published and edited a Music industry newsletter titled “B# Newsletter” for ten years that had a circulation of over 2,000 musicians and recording artists.
He also has been interviewed on radio stations and presenting music business tips, advice, and information to musicians and recording artists.

You can check some of his work here

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