Rose Leaves_Mr Nice Guy_final 01

Producer RoseLeaves from Amsterdam drops the “Mr. Nice Guy remix EP”. With the motto thinking outside the box, the creative mind is assisted by the South Africam mc Moz Roc, Kaye Tunez and Fereaux (BangUrang) and deliver a promising effort. Stay to tuned for what next to come.

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MASTA ACE “Disposable arts”: the album documentary

Masta Ace

Disposable arts

Originally released in 2001, “Disposable Arts” is a thematic/concept album by Brooklyn emcee Masta Ace. The concept follows that Masta Ace is being released from prison, his return to home and joining “The Institute of Disposable Arts”. The album is one complete story with the skits and songs together. The album contain many guest artists like Masta Ace’s group eMC (Stricklin & Wordsworth), Apocalypse, Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth, Rah Digga, J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks, King Tee, Jean Grae, Punchline, Young Zee of Da Outsidaz and more. Also a bunch of different producers (Paul Nice of Nice & Smooth, Domingo, Deacon The Villain of CunninLynguists, Xplicit, Ayatollah, Sabor and more), this album is seen as a classic album by most Hip Hop heads.
The CD reissue which came out in October 22nd 2013 on Below System Records, contains a 2 hour DVD documentary where you will see most of the contributors to the “Disposable Arts” album. Interviews, stories behind the tracks and more content about the making of “Disposable Arts”.


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SLONE feat. RACECAR (aka DAYS) “walking on the wildeside”


Slone is a producer from France who recently released “At The Boom Jazz Café”. A Hip Hop/Jazz album that instantly been climbing the charts even before people get the chance to get a physical copy. Seeing the artists that contribute to this masterpiece it’s not surprising: Rita J, Audessey,Kohndo, Racecar,Melodiq, D.dand & Volition, Chima Anya and many more.
On the track “Walking on the wildeside” the mc Racecar, who goes now under the name Days, is revealing a part of his life and soul compressed in just a few minutes and giving props in his lyrics to the ones that crossed his path. Check it out and purchase the whole project after the jump.

Independent music at it’s finest.

Purchase here

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Hailing from two of the most dangerous cities in the US, Jamil honesty Staten Island NY native, with Baltimore MD being his second home, and Fel Sweetenberg, from Camden NJ, come together on the production of Cool Fd hailing from Orleans, France.
The two show off there lyrical ability over the hypnotizing beat.
“SALUTE” is the name of the track counting the 4th single release from “the Missing Flag” project by Jamil Honesty and Cool Fd
also as a treat there is a remix where they bring along a young but talented and amazingly skilled mc Ill Conscious for the ride.

Enjoy the new music

Stay tuned for the project “The Missing Flag”.

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J-ZEN “Managua”


The french producer J-Zen French signed on Dooinit Music has been traveling a lot. Starting from his hometown Rennes via Paris and half of the globe to finish his trip in Managua where he stayed for a few months. That will be the inspiration of his new masterpice titled “Managua”. This project is another example of how a good album can be well balanced between the vocal tracks and the instrumentals without
being boring. On the featurings it’s good to hear Mr Complex, Theory Hazit, Declaime and Georgia Anne Muldrow, Stro Elliot (The Procussions), MED…
Somehow it takes me back down to memory lane cause I have a special connection with all of them individually.
My first live interview was with Mr Complex (with Mista Sinista). The Procussions was the very first group I started to connect with and to promote on my first website back in 2000… I could go on and on but let’s go back to the album. While I dig further I see that Chief (Feelin Music) and Freddie Joachim (Mellow Orange)are also involve which means that the quality in the mixes is topnotch.
If you like Heavy boom bap beats laced with Soul and Groove don’t wait any further and go cop that.
Highly recommended to put on repeat…Trust me !

Thank you J-Zen for bringing back those memories.

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It’s been about 6 years (too long if you ask me) since we heard from Panafrikanz. Like many of us life and priorities happened but it doesn’t mean that the duo composed of Taziyah B and Iyahmin were still.
I heard somewhere that their second album is soon come. The urban griots released what looks like a 1st single. So if you like the positive vibes and good energy it’s “This way”

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MED, BLU, MADLIB feat. MF DOOM “Knock knock” / “BAD NEIGHBOR”


Imagine some Madlib instrumentals thrown at you and you start making some rough drafts out of them. Your name is Blu and you teamed up with MED to create a more polish project. To make the picture perfect you have among your friends the likes of MF DOOM, Aloe Blacc, Hodgy Beats, Anderson Paak, Mayer Hawthorne and Dam-Funk. What will be your next move ?
If it was me, I will record an entire album with them and name it “Bad Neighbor”. Off the project, I will release first the track “Knock Knock” that I made with MF Doom to see the crowd’s reaction. Of course the song will be played on the radio, in the cars and at the office…It’s premium music after all.

I can already see the headlines on every specialised blogs, webzines… “BLU, MED & MADLIB: The making of a Masterpiece”
During interviews I will say that the album will be released the 30th October. And for the vinyl addicts I will tell them to be patient till the 1st of December.

Finally, after 12 hours sleep, I just woke up. My head is still spinning from the many beers and cocktails I had the night before. Thank god! It was just a dream…Note to self: neva drink again on a week day!

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WHITE BOIZ “Learn Tho”


White Boiz is the new super team composed of Krondon (Strong Arm Steady) & Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra Creative Partners) to collaborate on a new album for Stones Throw. The wait will be over the 2nd of October as “Neighborhood Wonderful” rich of 14 tracks will be released.
On the featuring you will find Thundercat, Anderson Paak, Chace Infinite…And the whole project is produced by Shafiq Husayn.
Get familiar with the “Mothership Intro” and then enter in the Dungeon to catch them live with the track “Learn Tho”

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MELISSA NKONDA “Sodade” (cover Cesaria Evora)


When Melissa Nkonda covers Cesaria Evora…

Melissa is the daughter of an Algerian mother and a Cameroonian father.
In 2008, her mother forced her hand by signing her to a TV talent show. She didn’t make it far but at least millions of people discover her.
In 2011, her first single, titled “Nouveaux Horizons” of her first album, “Nouveaux Horizons” was the most played single on radio and TV all summer long.

What a VOICE !!

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H-TOWN “Green light”

H-Town _ Green Light1

“Greenlight” is the official lead single from the legendary R&B group H-Town. The track is off the group
new CD entitled “Child Support” on Spectra Music Group.

The group is now only composed of Solomon “Shazam” Conner and long time friend Darryl “G.I.” Jackson.
Back in 2003, they had to deal with the lost of Keven “Dino” Conner, (the twin brother of Shazam)who died in a tragic car accident.
This devasting blow to the group heartfelt and grieved by many did not discourage the artists or the fans. To date,Shazam and G.I. are flourishing carrying the sound of H-Town and representing the group’s core values, a self-proclaimed mission of bringing R & B back in tranquil strides with loyal fans in tow and new fans acquired daily.


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