To celebrate Gshock 30th year anniversary, the Dutch companies URBMATH, Filling Pieces, OntFront and Ceizer, united with the brand to create a limited time piece.
The inspiration for this unique project is Raekwon’s line “Times is rough and tough like leather” (from the song C.R.E.A.M by the legendary Wu Tang Clan).
This collaboration is limited to only 10 watches.

The 28th November a handmade black all leather Gshock will be released, including a special edition triangular shaped carton. The Gshock is wrapped in split leather and crafted in the Netherlands. This couture-like time piece is covered with leather from housing to strap. It features a black face plate with a golden shimmer.

What all participating brands have in common here is their desire to innovate with street culture as
starting point. The challenge for this collaboration was to create a high end Gshock that reflects the
identities of all participating brands.
To strengthen the overall concept of the watch a large multi media installation piece was created, a triangular shaped object of three meters high made of all black leather. This art piece will be unveiled the 28th November at 21:00 in the old power plant ‘Kraftwerk’ in Berlin (the Gshock event that honours their 30th anniversary).

If you want to obtain this watch, vote for this concept
so it will be manufactured in a limited run of 200 pieces.

More information:

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HIP’OPSESSION 2013: Submissions TKO

From the 7th february till 2nd March 2013 the town of Nantes and his suburb will be the place where all the elements of the Hip Hop culture will be fully represented.

The submissions for the battle TKO (Djing, beatboxing, beatmaking), that will take place on Saturday 16th February 2013 at La Fabrique/Stéréolux (salle maxi), during the 9th edition of the HIP’OPsession festival have started now !

End of the submissions will end the 07 January 2013. Selection for the finale will be made afterwards.

Here are the rules:


The best djs entries will be selected to participate in the competition TKO 2013 category DJ.

The battle takes place in mode 1 vs 1: Every DJ has 2 rounds of 1mn30 to knock out his opponent and reach the next level in the competition .
The Serato Scratch Live is allowed: also possible to come with vinyls and USB key or other storage media!
INSCRIPTION : send a demo video / audio of 3mn with your contact information (name, Aka, address, phone, email) to before the 7th JANUARY 2013.
DJ Greem of the C2C crew will select the participants in the following days.
Winning prizes (to be announced)


8 human beatboxers will be selected by demo to participate in the competition TKO 2013 category
Human Beatbox .
The battle will take place in mode 1 vs 1 and will start in 1/4 final: each beatboxer has 2 rounds of 1mn30 to knock out his opponent and reach the next
level in the competition.
Winning prizes (to be announced)

INSCRIPTION: send a demo video / audio of 3mn with your contact information (name, Aka, address, phone, email) to before the 7th JANUARY 2013.
L.O.S will select the participants in the following days.


8 beatmakers will will be selected to participate.

The battle Beatmaking has 2 tests:
1° / the making of a production of 1 min from a given sample delivered one month in advance and prepared at home.

2°/ the making of a production of 1 min from a given sample and prepared on the D day. Each participant will present his productions on stage.

Winning prizes (to be announced)

Do you want to battle ? Do you have what it takes to go against some of the best producers around ?
Download the sample here and send an original production of 1 minute (no more, no less) with your details (name, aka, address, phone, email) to before 5th January, 2013.

The selection of participants will be made by a listening committee in the following days

The organisation of the festival will participate to the traveling costs (fix amount) of the 8 beatmakers selected.

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For the upcoming documentary “Our vinyl weighs a ton” the label Stonesthrow came out this time with a poster design contest open to the public.
The 21st November, Peanut Butter Wolf will announce the winner and three runners-up. The winner will be awarded $500, have their design used as one of the film’s posters (and possibly the DVD cover) and receive a credit on the poster (and DVD, if used). The three runners-up will each be awarded a $100 credit to be used at the Stones Throw shop.

Here are the rules:

· Size: 24 x 36 inches (610 x 910 mm)
· The title: “OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON” (must be prominent)
· The subtitle: “This Is Stones Throw Records” (must be present)
· Leave approx. 8” at the bottom of the poster for the billing block
· Must be an original design, not based on existing work of others

· Go to
· Click the “Send email” badge in the top-right corner (envelope icon)
· Send your design as both a .psd and .jpg file to Jeff Broadway
· All designs will be posted on the OVWAT tumblr page where fans can comment
· All material must be original to the artist and not infringe the rights of others
· By entering the contest, the winning designers grant Stones Throw the right to use their design for a poster, DVD cover and for any other marketing and promotional purposes connected to the film for no additional compensation than that below.

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During the Cinekid Film Festival, 18th October till 26th, Watch That Sound provides again during the holidays for sound and music workshops. .

This time with film clips from Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, produced by Walt Disney.

Join in and make the most scary sounds, record them and let everyone hear them through the website.

This can be in the HoorOor Studio Cinekid and Watch That Sound.

Would you like to experience it yourself, come to the Cinekid festival on the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam.

Click the link and you come to the website of WTS where you view the teaser and the first results.

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Vinyl Frontiers Presents: Everything Is Vinyl

Producers Vinyl Frontiers, who just starting to get a buzz from their work with artists like Muneshine (Larger than Life EP) and Maffew Ragazino (Yowsers!, St Maffew, Birdseyeview, etc) are back with a new project.
This time they released 15 beats on a tape called “Everything Is Vinyl”
Unlike a lot of beattapes and instrumental projects there are no tags, cuts or other sound effects over the beats.
In fact, they specifically encourage everybody to grab these beats and use them. They even set up an emailadress to submit whatever people record on these beats.
“We want to be a part of everybody’s career so besides just displaying what we’ve been up to the last few months we thought why not give all MC’s the opportunity to rock these beats and see if we can discover some hidden, unknown talent out there.

Listen and download the beats

Submit recordings on these beats to:

The best submissions will be upload to the soundcloud page of Vinyl Frontiers

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HIP’OPSESSION 2012: the submissions have started

The submissions for the 8th edition of Hip’opsession have started !
From the 9th till the 26th of February the town of Nantes and his suburb will be the place for this festival dedicated to the Hip Hop culture. As always all the elements will be fully represented. The organisation is as usual cooking up some good surprises so be prepared !

Mc’s, Bboys, DJ’s, Beatboxers and Beatmakers it’s on !!!
Here are the dates, places and application forms…

Meeting dance 10 February at Capellia(La Chapelle Sur Erdre):

Are you part of a dance crew ? Get the chance to experience the scene and benefit the workshop from 2 professional choreographers.

Submission here

Stand Opsession 10 February at Capellia (La Chapelle Sur Erdre):

Stand battle 1 vs 1 – Pop, Lock and New style
Download registration here

Battle Opsession 11 February at le Lieu Unique (Nantes):

International Break battle 3 vs 3.
Qualification rounds, the 4 best teams selected will go on against the best international Bboys & Bgirls.

Download registration here

Battle for da move 12 February at Sous Chapiteau (Saint Nazaire):

Battle Bonnie & Clyde and qualifications for the Chelles Battle Pro 2 vs 2
Download registration here

TKO DJ and Beatbox 18 February at La Fabrique (Nantes):

Battle DJ’s and Human Beatbox
Download registration here

TKO Beatmaker 18 February at La Fabrique (Nantes):

Battle for the best beat against the best national and international producers around.

8 beatmakers will be selected through challenges:
1°/ make a production of 1mn with the given sample. You have a little more than one month to do so and to send it.

2°/ make a production of 1 mn with a given sample the day of the battle. Every beatmaker will present his prods on stage.
To win : Prices
download the sample here

The selection will be made a few days later.

End Of The Weak 24 February at Le Ferrailleur (Nantes):

International mc challenge, special Nantes qualification to get a place to the finals in Paris in June 2012.
Download the rules here

Salon Hip Hop 25 February at Pol’N (Nantes):

Second edition of this gathering from the local scene to promote the scene and his activists.
Download inscription here

Hip Hop holidays:

You are between 14 and 18 years and want to discover the culture through the festival, infos and reservations here

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Funky Fresh is presenting their 1st online beatmaking contest:

1. You make one funktastic beat on a sample provided that will transport us back to the BoomBap/Golden Era of HipHop, with as much creativity, substance and innovation as you can throw in.

2. To submit, post your beat on this event page and simultaneously email it to on or before the 30th of November

3. The public can cast their votes on their favourite beat out of our EIGHT chosen finalists in the poll section on our FunkyFresh page.

4. If your beat captures our hearts, your skills will not go unnoticed. Which means, it will be heavily promoted in the underground HipHop circuit and it will also be used as ‘the’ instrumental for MC’s to lay their verses on for our subsequent online MC competition – ‘Funky Rhymez’.

5. If this ain’t enough, we’ll also be using all the winning beats and songs from the Beatmaking & MC competitions for our collective mixtape project – ‘FunkyKollabz’.

* Deadline for this competition is 28th Nov 2011.

* Public voting opens 28th Nov until 4th Dec 2011.

* There will be 10 competitions each for Funky Beatz & Funky Rhymez.

* To participate, email us your artist name @

Download sample here :

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At night after all the series, reality shows and other programs are passed in revue on the TV, in most of the channels it’s time for sex to be advertise and for poker tournaments to invade the air (mostly after midnight). Altough I like sex, those 0906…commercials are not very appealing for me. As a midnite marauder beside surfing on the internet or listening to the tons of demos I’m receiving, I like to watch the poker competitions. It’s amazing to see the degree of concentration and focus the players must have to try to bluf their way towards the thousand or millions of dollars price money.
But what strikes me the most is the lack of music. Is it because it will disturb the players ? Or is it because there’s no music that will suited them. Why not blast a good old school rap or some dope ass Beat M Up beats through the speakers ? That will be funny to see Erik Seidel or Johnny Chan singing along Rapper’s Delight or bust a freestyle while playing.
Will they still continued to win…I wonder ?

Pics: courtesy of Boogiedown & Partypoker

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