IVAN WINTER “Haar & Hem” (hair & him) audio book

kapper 3 Ivan Winter

Ivan Winter is a DJ with a solid tenure. He combines his knowledge of diverse music styles in a surprising manner. He is influenced by art and this resonates in his music selection and technique.
On a daily, he is a Barber. He believes every man needs some time for himself, and at that point u can see the true beauty of transformation. The before and after the cut, same effect as listening how a DJ cuts from track to track.
In any barbershop you can hear the debating, the changing the world, the funny stories which push clients to come back on the regular beside a haircut of course.
A barber is kind of a therapist, so it is not uncommon for patients to chat with each other in the waiting room. Gossiping in the hallway happens, but during a one-on-one session in the barber’s chair, it is the hairdresser who wins the trust of the individual at that moment. After all, having your hair cut is something personal that you do not just let anyone do!

kapper 2

From the many sessions, Mr. Winter came up together with Charlien Adriaenssens to transform individual stories from the barber’s chair into an audiobook titled “Haar & Hem”. The inspiration was found in the different life stories, especially in those who are considered obscure. Topics that many hairdressers will related to.
After long writing, deepening, writing again, choosing the sound and searching for the right form, Mr Winter can now proudly say that you can listen to it!

cover haar en hem kapper

This audiobook is sometimes surreal, sometimes documentary and sometimes tragic. Lucky for us, it’s only the volume 1 so make sure to keep an eye on Mr Winter for more stories from his barbershop.


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MASTA ACE “Disposable arts”: the album documentary

Masta Ace

Disposable arts

Originally released in 2001, “Disposable Arts” is a thematic/concept album by Brooklyn emcee Masta Ace. The concept follows that Masta Ace is being released from prison, his return to home and joining “The Institute of Disposable Arts”. The album is one complete story with the skits and songs together. The album contain many guest artists like Masta Ace’s group eMC (Stricklin & Wordsworth), Apocalypse, Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth, Rah Digga, J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks, King Tee, Jean Grae, Punchline, Young Zee of Da Outsidaz and more. Also a bunch of different producers (Paul Nice of Nice & Smooth, Domingo, Deacon The Villain of CunninLynguists, Xplicit, Ayatollah, Sabor and more), this album is seen as a classic album by most Hip Hop heads.
The CD reissue which came out in October 22nd 2013 on Below System Records, contains a 2 hour DVD documentary where you will see most of the contributors to the “Disposable Arts” album. Interviews, stories behind the tracks and more content about the making of “Disposable Arts”.


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ICEBERG SLIM: Portrait of a pimp trailer

After Walter Mosley and Chester Himes one of the other male writer that really got my attention is Iceberg Slim. From being pimp to become a cultural icon with his books, he changed the game for good.
The way he describe the street life and the prison life in his books has been an inspiration for a lot of mc’s.
For the ones who don’t know the legendary Chicago pimp yet here’s your chance with the new documentaire from Ice-T about his tumultuous life.

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BLACK MOON “Enta da stage” 20th anniversary teaser

Go behind the scenes with Black Moon, 20 years after they dropped their ground breaking album, ‘Enta Da Stage.’ Get insight from Buckshot, 5ft, DJ Evil Dee and Dru Ha as they discuss the early beginnings of Black Moon and what went behind their debut album.

Stay tuned for the full clip which will be released later this year.

Fans who are going to the SXSW festival in Austin, (Texas) can celebrate the anniversary with Black Moon as they’ll be performing at Duck Down & Javotti Media’s official showcase this Saturday, alongside Talib Kweli, Roc Marciano, Statik Selektah and more…

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2 PAC “7 dayz”: the movie

Gobi M. Rahimi was the videographer of the late 2Pac. For 8 months he followed the artist in his everyday life. We all know his music, the movies he made, his beef with Notorious Big, the police and him being shot in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson fight. But only a few knew that he was about to leave the controversial label he was on: Death Row.
“7Dayz” is a behind-the-scenes peek, into the last days in the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur narrated by Chuck D.

As there’s a lot of footage Mr Rahimi is seeking the help of Tupac’s supporters for fundings in matter to finish to project. In exchange for contributions to the film you will get exclusive goodies, including never-before-released photos and video clips.
The release date is planned for the 16 June 2013 for Tupac 42nd birthday.

Support the campaign

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SCRATCH MUSIC “Naissance d’un art “

Great French documentary about turntablism.

met en scène le travail d’artistes virtuoses et propose une immersion sonore et visuelle au cœur du « turntablisme »,méconnue du grand public il est techniquement le courant musical le plus évolué de ces trente dernières années. Il transcende les règles musicales classiques et fascine par son originalité permanente. En prise directe avec l’énergie et la passion qui animent ses musiciens très originaux

SCRATCH MUSIC "Naissance d'un art " – En… door jayricane

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THE ART OF RAP: the report

The Art Of Rap movie from Ice-T is the missing link of all the documentaries / films made about the Hip Hop culture and the rap scene. One of the highlights of this film is the incredible helicopter shots.
No one before try to analize how a rap song is made. With this movie Ice-T open up his adress book and take us from New York to Los Angeles to meet his friends / peers. They are breaking it down for us !

The premiere was in 11 Pathe theaters all over the Netherlands. As a special treat there was a Q & A and live stream concert in London from Ice-T, Melle Mel (Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five), Chuck D.and Raekwon.
Here are some capture moments from Rotterdam:

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While most of the hip hop documentaries talk about music, the movement, the history or the beefs, none really touch the subject of how a rap is made. With his first movie “The Art of Rap” Ice-T manages to interview his friends / peers on how they write their lyrics.

We have 5 x 2 tickets to give away for the premiere and (the live stream concert straight from the UK) in 11 Pathe Theaters across the Netherlands the 19h july only. To win just answer this: What is the full name’s character of Ice-T is the serie “Law & Order”. Send your answer (with your name, email, phone, city) to info@uncuthiphop.nl before the 17 July.

Check Pathe.nl for time and locations.

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