MASTA CONGA “Back to Basics” by Izzy Power

Masta Conga

Leader of the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Percussionnist, beatmaker, sound engineer, Masta Conga return with his first solo Hip Hop album titled “Back to Basics”. The project features U-george, Emskee, Blaqpoet, Starvin B, Oxygen, Juga-naut, Junclassic, Alakazam, Coherent, Stinkin Slimrok and Racecar.

The opening track on Back to Basics seemed to lunge at me from my speakers and demand, not just ask for, my attention. But it also managed to move and groove me in a more than pleasant way. The record is obviously hip-hop but the jazz and funk influences are prevalent throughout, in loving touches that make you want to dance and in wonderful musical meanderings that break the mould of the tracks without disrupting your groove.

After taking in track after track on multiple occasions, I was able to put my finger on something. A somewhat haunting vibe creeps and crawls with you through this album, sometimes in the lyrics and often in the music, which helps to paint a fantastically rich and real picture in the mind. The lyrics range from downright scary to unbelievably soulful and hit everywhere in between. They find the realness of life and the poetic nature of art and music. At times while listening to this record I was reminded of exactly who and what I was but, more often, I was inspired to be better or to just change full stop.

But before you think that this album is all conscience and no groove, let me tell you that I danced to these tracks time after time. I found that it accompanied my morning or afternoon workouts brilliantly, helping to pass the time effortlessly and all the while keeping my pace up with its relentless and surprisingly dance-worthy beats.

I must say that I was more than entertained on each and every one of the multiple listening sessions I have given Back to Basics since it entered my life. And I definitely think that I will continue to listen to it after completing this review. This record has left a mark of some kind on me and I feel all the better for it. What gets me each time I put this record on is its soulfulness. It almost reaches out and gently hugs you, as both words and beats effortlessly caress your ears while shaking your limbs, then suddenly it is over almost as soon as it begun. As I mentioned earlier, this exquisite collection of tracks help time to pass by really nicely, while still entertaining and touching you. I can definitely recommend this wonderful musical marvel.

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Millenium Jazz

Millennium Jazz Music presents “Operation Six” as they celebrate with the Jazz Jousters collective on their 6th anniversary since the group started working together in 2012.

OP6 is the first project from the Jousters collective since the release of the “Fifth Element” double vinyl and cassette album for the previous anniversary.
As usual all music was made exclusively for this project. If you are aware of the previous editions from the UK label / collective many of the usual suspects as well as a few new members are included.

To mark this years anniversary a double vinyl album and a limited batch of cassettes will be available for purchase. You can pre-order the vinyl via Qrates:

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PRY “Future, Past, Present, Infinity” / “Beautiful Thing” feat. INCKSALONIUS

PRY - Future Past Present Infinity PRY - Beautiful Thing

There is a key in the past, giving those who hold the understanding of this key, access to the future, while based in the present. Dutch hiphop producer, guitarist and bass player PRY has found this key, as you can hear on his debut album “Future, Past, Present, Infinity”.

This album marks a new chapter in PRY’s history as a producer and musician in The Netherlands. “Future, Past, Present, Infinity” started of as a collection of songs, until PRY found the common ground for those songs and transformed them into his first album.
It’s not just guests like Donte, Incksalonius, Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam, Buggs Tha Rocka, PAX and Jay Colin that make his album so versatile… yet it is also the combination of samples and live instruments used to make each track on the album.

Sounding like Jazzmatazz or the early Roots crew: PRY, shows his versatility, skills and passion for music on his first single “Beautiful Thing” where he teams up with Brooklyn based Incksalonius. The mixture of guitar and her melodic rap, paired with the saxophone and relaxed beat, tells a story of “beautiful things” creating the perfect ingredients for a musical cocktail hiphop lovers can kick their feet up to and enjoy.

For PRY summer is the feeling of jazz and relaxation. You can definitely hear it on the track.

From the golden age of hiphop and boombap, to the best of nineties and the underground raps today PRY is able to combine these elements and create an album that is for the true fans of the style.
“Future, Past, Present, Infinity” started in the past, gives joy in the present and just make you ask for more PRY in the future.

So get ready, tune in and chill out!

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SLONE feat. RACECAR (aka DAYS) “walking on the wildeside”


Slone is a producer from France who recently released “At The Boom Jazz Café”. A Hip Hop/Jazz album that instantly been climbing the charts even before people get the chance to get a physical copy. Seeing the artists that contribute to this masterpiece it’s not surprising: Rita J, Audessey,Kohndo, Racecar,Melodiq, D.dand & Volition, Chima Anya and many more.
On the track “Walking on the wildeside” the mc Racecar, who goes now under the name Days, is revealing a part of his life and soul compressed in just a few minutes and giving props in his lyrics to the ones that crossed his path. Check it out and purchase the whole project after the jump.

Independent music at it’s finest.

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kAMASI Washington

Taken from “The Epic”, that will be released the 4th May 2015 on Brainfeeder check the artist Kamasi Washington “Re Run Home”

Kamasi Washington is a Californian jazz saxophonist, composer, production editor and band leader. Kamasi is mainly known for his tenor playing, following in the traditions of John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler.

Take a first listen of the album here

and if you are in L.A make sure to attend to the release party…sure it’s gonna be epic!

ADS - The Epic - 5x5 - v2

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Sax Machine is a Jazz/Hip-Hop group, with members from France and the USA (living in France).
Hard bop, afro beat, funk or hip hop and Jazz collide into a new irrestible sound that invite you to dance.
This formula imagined by talented saxophonist Guillaume Sené (Like Jam) and Pierre Dandin (trombonist of Sergent Garcia, Malted Milk and Mix City) transforms the art of improvisation into a mesmerizing brass colored groove mixed and merged with loopers and machines.
Jay Ree, old-school style rapper close to americans Black Thoughts (The Roots), Common Sense or Guru, and who also voices for Zenzile, Like Jam or City Kay, adds his top notch touch as master of ceremony, delivering his conscious lyrics and soulful vibes.

With a brand new release titled “Reloop”, Sax Machine got a new deluxe featuring in the name of RacecaR, lyricist par excellence who brings positivity and Native Tongue flavored style to the mix.
With a career of over 20 years, RacecaR has plenty of collaborations under his belt, most known for his work in the Chicago duo Modill.

He has recently begun works with Blanka (of La Fine Equipe and A State of Mind), Creestal Atoms (of CM Jones), SoulSquare ( a group of seasoned producers which includes DJ Atom of C2C and Beat Torrent fame), DJ Suspect (formerly of the The Funk League), and Alakazam (Zulu Nation Paris), amongst many other very relevant artists in the French Hip-Hop scene. He continues to extend his network and garner praise while showing his quality, energy-fillled performance, to a number of crowds around France. With RacecaR, Jay Ree, and SaxMachine, the new EP “RELOOP” is already gathering attention and will prove to be a classic, as the crew continues to work towards a proper full-length release.

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VOTE Femi Temowo for MOBO Best Jazz Act 2012


Friends and fans of Femi have come together to support his recent MOBO Best Jazz Act 2012 nomination.

In this video, Simon Cooke (Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Managing Director); Soweto Kinch (MOBO Best Jazz Act 2003, 2007); Muyiwa Olarewaju (singer, songwriter, broadcaster); and Darcus Besse (Co-president of Island Records) share their experiences of working with Femi, and tell us why they think he should win.

femi temowo
femi temowo

You have until the end of October to vote. SHARE this video, SPREAD the word, and VOTE for Femi!

Facebook group:

Producer/Director: Silkie Carlo
Filmed and edited by Alexander Rollings

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