Mark this date on your calendar peeps and come to support the Hip Hop House at the benefit matinee the 20th December at the Nieuwe Luxor Theater.

With the lessons costing more than they bring in, the main goal of the Hip Hop House is to still continue to give quality lessons at an attractive price for the masses. In order to do so the guardian of this culture we all love, is in need of 40.000 euro to stay fit.

The Hip Hop House is already got the support from artists like Typhoon, Ronnie Flex, Mr. Probz. They let see how important this institution is for the old and young generation alike. And also international dancers like Terry Brooklyn, Archie Burnett or “So You Think You Can Dance”‘s judge Jan Kooijman encourage you to support this action.

The tickets for the benefit are minimum 20 euro. If you can’t attend, you can also make a donation at the bank account NL93RABO0149222017 to HipHopHuis Holland. Because of his ANBI status you can get a part of your donation back from the IRS (Belastingdienst).

What to expect:
The matinee starts with the annual Tuff Enuff Awards. 20 teachers of the Hip Hop Huis put their most talented students to the spotlight.
The Korean breakdance crew Morning of Owl will show their skillz. Typhoon will do an acoustic performance. More than 300 dancers will try to break the Soul Train world record with the vocal guidance and music from Shirma Rouse and DJ Rob Manga.

For all updates visit and spread the word. Everybody is welcome

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The association Pick Up Production from Nantes and the artist Kazy Usclef invited about twenty artists, coming from South America, Spain or France, who worked in the building during the whole month of June. Whether painters, illustrators, plastic manipulators, they all share, in their own way, an artistic culture strongly influenced by muralism, this pictorial movement that started in Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century as a continuation of the revolution.

The artists are the legacy of a movement that settled himself new horizons, thanks to the melting of different techniques and materials (felt-pen, aerosol, wood, cement). They kept the vision of muralism as a popular art, easily understandable, and the recurrent themes as well, such as the new discovery of cultural roots.

The present exhibition is the result of a whole month of artistic activity, fraught with exchanges, meetings and collaborations. It also offers a last life to this building, which will be destroyed in early 2015, in order to make an important real estate project that will completely change the borough’s shape.

Pics by Fersen Sherkann & Pick Up

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SCRATCH MUSIC “Naissance d’un art “

Great French documentary about turntablism.

met en scène le travail d’artistes virtuoses et propose une immersion sonore et visuelle au cœur du « turntablisme »,méconnue du grand public il est techniquement le courant musical le plus évolué de ces trente dernières années. Il transcende les règles musicales classiques et fascine par son originalité permanente. En prise directe avec l’énergie et la passion qui animent ses musiciens très originaux

SCRATCH MUSIC "Naissance d'un art " – En… door jayricane

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Technic known from a longtime but not well masterised until the 90s with the rise of digital cameras the light graffiti is back on the scene.

Introducing Julien “Kaalam” Breton who made it his craft and pushing the boundaries. Imaging a DJ, 2 dancers, shapes, colors and live Arabic calligraphy and you have one of the most amazing show ever made.

Pics by David « Mr Guep » Gallard

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While most of the hip hop documentaries talk about music, the movement, the history or the beefs, none really touch the subject of how a rap is made. With his first movie “The Art of Rap” Ice-T manages to interview his friends / peers on how they write their lyrics.

We have 5 x 2 tickets to give away for the premiere and (the live stream concert straight from the UK) in 11 Pathe Theaters across the Netherlands the 19h july only. To win just answer this: What is the full name’s character of Ice-T is the serie “Law & Order”. Send your answer (with your name, email, phone, city) to before the 17 July.

Check for time and locations.

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Beside my love for music I like fashion so I’d like to put the focus on this young designer called Doline Legrand, or just DO. Inspire by the beauty of Africa she create a line for women which I think get the attention of many. The concept is between painting, graphic design and fashion.

DO is an artist and graduate of Fine Arts University of Fine Arts.
Her wish is to move the painting out of the world of fashion to bring it in the street.
The paint is too often confined, enclosed by the space enclosed by canvas. It is too often rendered immobile by the exhibition spaces.

DO moves her paintings off the walls to introduce them into the world of fashion with textile as new support. Thus paintings began to travel …. the works themselves become mobile and walk the streets. Out of any predefined artistic universe, they are found mixed with the urban space with which they will then exchange, live, communicate and live together ….

In making her art nomad DO wishes “witness”, share, speak, addressing the others … This concept of mix can be found in the minds of his paintings that speak of Africa, between traditions and modernity.

Do is describing Africa with the image by mixing patterns and faces. The faces are increasing, interacting, merging. They are sometimes fabrics …. sometimes make up that reflect the beauty of Africa.

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JIE-SONG ZHANG "Emerging Face of a Nationless World"

Jie-Song is an old university friend and collaborator from mc Soulstice (Dead Letter perfect, Beyond Borders) residing in NYC.
In their conversations the two are making the world smaller through artistic collaboration.
This was one of the explicit goals of Soulstice music, especially the “Beyond Borders” album (2009). Jie’s current approach is more visual.
The video preface his project for the 2010 World Expo (Shanghai, China) on behalf of the USA Pavilion.

words taken to Soulstice
if you can’t see the video here’s the link:

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