SCRATCH MUSIC “Naissance d’un art “

Great French documentary about turntablism.

met en scène le travail d’artistes virtuoses et propose une immersion sonore et visuelle au cœur du « turntablisme »,méconnue du grand public il est techniquement le courant musical le plus évolué de ces trente dernières années. Il transcende les règles musicales classiques et fascine par son originalité permanente. En prise directe avec l’énergie et la passion qui animent ses musiciens très originaux

SCRATCH MUSIC "Naissance d'un art " – En… door jayricane

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C2C “Down the road” EP

It’s been awhile since we heard from C2C, 4 times world champion DMC in a roll. Individually the Frenchies have been busy with their own project like Beat Torrent, Hocus Pocus among others.
2012 the crew is back with a brand new EP and a new live show.
They will be one of the headliners during the Hip’opsession festival this february in Nantes. The show is sold out unfortunately but you might want to catch their tour. Their show according to insiders is off the hook!

Get a preview with the 1st single of the EP “Fiya”

Welcome back C2C…



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