IVAN WINTER “Haar & Hem” (hair & him) audio book

kapper 3 Ivan Winter

Ivan Winter is a DJ with a solid tenure. He combines his knowledge of diverse music styles in a surprising manner. He is influenced by art and this resonates in his music selection and technique.
On a daily, he is a Barber. He believes every man needs some time for himself, and at that point u can see the true beauty of transformation. The before and after the cut, same effect as listening how a DJ cuts from track to track.
In any barbershop you can hear the debating, the changing the world, the funny stories which push clients to come back on the regular beside a haircut of course.
A barber is kind of a therapist, so it is not uncommon for patients to chat with each other in the waiting room. Gossiping in the hallway happens, but during a one-on-one session in the barber’s chair, it is the hairdresser who wins the trust of the individual at that moment. After all, having your hair cut is something personal that you do not just let anyone do!

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From the many sessions, Mr. Winter came up together with Charlien Adriaenssens to transform individual stories from the barber’s chair into an audiobook titled “Haar & Hem”. The inspiration was found in the different life stories, especially in those who are considered obscure. Topics that many hairdressers will related to.
After long writing, deepening, writing again, choosing the sound and searching for the right form, Mr Winter can now proudly say that you can listen to it!

cover haar en hem kapper

This audiobook is sometimes surreal, sometimes documentary and sometimes tragic. Lucky for us, it’s only the volume 1 so make sure to keep an eye on Mr Winter for more stories from his barbershop.


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If you happen to read “L’effroyable imposture du rap” (The big lie of rap) the second book of Mathias Cardet, you might put everything you believe about the Hip Hop culture and his actors in question.

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