ICBM “Wunderbar”

ICBM -Wunderbar

After releasing the project 8 Dayz with Racecar (aka Dayz) back in february, ICBM strikes back with an instrumental travel through space and time! The destination is the planet “Wunderbar”. The project portrait different moods and colors from the french producer. Are you ready for this retro cosmic trip?

Take your helmet and let ICBM guide you!

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After delivering the EP “Coloured Dreams”, a little tribute to the late & great J Dilla, Beatsofreen’s continues his journey with the label Darker Than Wax to bring out his forthcoming EP “Dimensions”. He has been taking people by surprise (me included) with more Jazz-orientated beats with the alias Stan Forebee. The track “Bloom” featuring Joanna Borromeo is the first single off the EP and is about self reflection and pushing yourself to reach your goals.

With The Dimensions EP, Beatsofreen’s approach it first as a musician, and then as a producer – working with less samples and recording live acoustic instruments. Something which has always been part of work for film and radio but was never included in personal production own music, until this project. While creating, this EP has the intention of an electronic influence, it is balanced off by an earthy Jazz element – and the maestro is revealing another layer of his talent by becoming an allround producer.

Worldwide release on the 3rd of July and already available for iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and RDIO and of course Darker Than Wax.

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The Jazz Jousters is another project composed of Es-K, Stay Classy, Pawcut, Gadget, Dr Dundiff, SmokedBeat, Oldy Clap Recordz, DJ Mentos and Bones The Beat Head, within the Millenium Jazz label.
Besides a few specials, lab sessions the collective is known to experiment. This time it’s with the works of the Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn sounds of the great Art Farmer (21 August 1928 – 4 October 1999). Check it out!

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SINOPTIC INTERNATIONAL “Pure Dopeness vol​.​9″

Sinoptic keep bringing the heat with their compilation serie. The new project, already volume 9 is raising the notch a little bit with Jazz as the basis for the productions like the previous ones. It’s hard to say who really stand out on this one but I got a soft spot for Keor Meteor, Howie Wonder, Je$u$, Fidel Cutstro, DJ Blood 1, Central Parks, Es-K.
But check for yourself…

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Sinoptic International, based in Paris, is a label run by the french-yugoslav DJ / Beatmaker Hellblazer, and his partner in crime, Goomar.
They bring out high quality free Hip Hop beattapes from the worldwide beatmaking scene on a regular. They promote the unheard classics the mainstream audience is missing. Pretty unique for a label nowadays to stimulate the underground scene and to see so many gems in their catalogue.
Reason enough to release the new “Pure Dopeness” beattape. Already the 8th in the serie with Side A and B. If you are fed up of what’s playing on the radio daily sit back relax and enjoy.

Take the tour thru the many releases of the label. I guarantee, it’s worth the listening.

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