PARIS DJ’S / GRANT PHABAO & RACECAR “A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque”

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The new LP, from Grant Phabao & Racecar, is a blend of rap with funk, reggae, ska, afrofunk, jazz and soul instrumentals titled “A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque”. Feel good music all the way.

Grant Phabao and Racecar don’t need any introduction anymore. One being part the collective Paris DJ’S and the other being involved and collaborating on many projects (Sax Machine, Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Asagaya…) before you can start counting till three…
“C’est un exercice de styles” for both party like we say in France and the result is astonishing. The groove is the common factor on all the tracks. The goal is to release this project in September 2016 on a cd format and vinyl LP.

If you want to support a great cause and find your name on the booklet (or insert for the LP), or get yourself a collector t-shirt printed and illustrated by poster artist Ben Hito check the new crowdfunding campaign after this appetizer:

If you are diggin’good music this one cannot be missed in your collection if you ask me !

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