JR & Th'Acquisition

JR & Th’Acquisition are long in the game. Individually, JR has been involved in different projects like Funky Organizers (who recently toured in Europe), on featurings by the East Garden label and also with his solo stuff. Beside the music he is also hosting events. Th’Acquisition wears also many hats. Beside being DJ, he is also a producer, organising events and doing workshops all over country. What the two have in common is doing a lot for the culture in the city of Rotterdam and their love for the music. So it was only a matter of time for the two to team up. They went on winning the Sena Grote Prijs 2017 with best act and the public’s choice.


We had the chance at the redaction to hear a preview of their first project “Bedtijd” (bedtime) and it’s a little masterpiece. You can hear that the experience is flowing all over each track and it’s calling for more, not only for the lyrics but also for the productions. It’s like all the pieces of the puzzle coming together effortlessly.
The two are now nominated for the Rotterdam Music Awards in the category “Promising act” (Belofte). It’s only a matter of time before they take on the international scenes with their act.

the couch

Mark the date in your agenda for the Rotterdam Music Awards: 11 December. And if you cannot attend, please vote for our favorite (yes, we are bias…don’t care)


Photo by:Rosa Quist Photography

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