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Hip’opsession is almost upon us and the 2018 edition promises to be one for the books. Year after year the famous french Hip Hop festival continues to highlight all the elements of the culture and bringing people of all race and age together with the motto “one nation under a groove” in Nantes and his suburb. A special s/o for the organisation to make it also accessible for the deafs and hard of hearing people since 2015.
Hip’opsession is starting officially from the 1st March till the 18th. But if you familiar with the organisation behind the festival you know that it has already started. A sort of warming up before the big bang!
As the tradition goes the Battle Opsession, the major rendez-vous for dancers from all over the world, will launch the festival. During 2 days it will be about cyphers, exchanges, trainings and of course battles for the titel for each category: House, Hip Hop, Lock, pop, Top Rock, Bonnie & Clyde (2 vs 2) and Crews (3 vs 3).
Hip’opssesion is music as well, MC challenge (EOW) Res EOW

expositions Gangster Dooddles Black Panther showcases Crazy B
grafitti, Theater Affiche-carreģe-DLFAB-1024x1024 ,cinema wild-style-cover-700x500
Q&A, Dance, Beatbox FURAX and so much more…

To sum up all the events will be like climbing the Himalaya, so check the entire program here


If you are around the city one of the event not to be missed is happening at Stereolux the 9th of March. Hip’opsession is headlining Alltta, the Electronic-rap duo composed of 20Syl (C2C, Hocus Pocus) & J.Medeiros (The Procussions).

Opening acts for the supergroup are Gracy Hopkins (FR/ANG/BR)

Sorg & Napoleon Maddox (FR /USA)

and all away from New Zealand the hip hop artist Raiza Biza.

Let’s forget for a moment that the world right now is in a bad shape. For 3 weeks, Hip’opsession 2018, is inviting you to celebrate a culture in full glory. A culture that still unify since the day of his birth some 40 years ago.
See you there…


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