BOOG BROWN “Boog Brown”

Boog Brown

Busy bee is how we can define the Atlanta based female mc who goes by the name of Boog Brown. After the EP “Sun Up”(2016) it was radio silence for the lady. In May a mini docu / interview made by Theorematic find Boog talking about her catalog, finding her style and new music coming up.

Well, the wait was worth it as we got serve with not only 1 but three new projects released in October. The first appetizer is the single “Just right” (off the album) follow shortly after by a EP and an album released on the UK label Tea Sea Records.
Boog Brown album Boog Brown EP

Tom Caruana who runs the label, produced and mixed all the tracks. He has worked with many of the popular and underground Hip Hop artists. Tom shooked the web by mixing the best hip hop with the best of the Pop scene. One of the memorable project is Wu-Tang vs The Beatles. Check the whole serie. It more than worth the listen.

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