Y’skid is on a cloud right now. Why, you ask me ?
It starts with him being selected for the annual TKO beatmaker from the festival Hip’opsession in France. Then seeing on the program that ONYX has to perform on the same night at the same place.
Taking the car from Eindhoven to drive to Nantes (France) along with the Beat M Up crew. Which is a dream for many !! It’s not everyday that you have the chance to travel with the famous Festa (Spaceman) and Ivan Ice, the beat battles organisators.
In the meantime time the J.DILLA documentary “Still shining” is being watched all over the globe. Ok ! so ?
Well if you look closely at the credits at the end of the documentary you will see Y’Skid’s name… (Shout out to Ma Dukes !!).
At the festival for the TKO beatmaker he has to compete against 7 producers from all over France. 20Syl (Hocus Pocus, C2C) and Fredro Starr from Onyx are in the jury panel.
From the first round he set the level so high with his original soulful production that the deal is already sealed.

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Don’t know if it was because of the sample or bad food but the 7 other beatmakers were not very inspire.

Yeno Beats the 2009 /2010 winner and defending champion came out with a very basic production on his MPC.
At the second round the contestants realize it was a battle and came with a better work. Steve Nash was the best of the bunch but Y’skid’s production was even stronger as the first one.
The other highlight of the evening is ONYX in the beginning of their show giving props to the wise kid genius for his crazy productions.

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