Beat Trotterz Family


Cymarshall Law

Hard working mc of the new generation of independent artists, KRS-ONE says about him ” the real hip hop is over here”.


With an incredible amount of mixtapes Wordsmith is the mc / businessman to watch very closely.


MC and computer nerd working at the department of Defense. Nominated for the grammy. Best rap album of the year in 2006 with ” Dead letter perfect”, classic material!

DJ’s and Producers


A one man army producer / mixer. Working with live musicians to mastered the albums of many majors players in the hip hop scene. Initiator of the International Hip Hop Trade, bringing it old school like with the motto”a favor for a favor”.
Musical director for End Of The Weak France (EOW – and musical editor for the famous french Comic book Shaango.
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Lord Faz (Mixlawax, Beat Trotterz)

Lord Faz, out of France (Paris and its suburb) is a DJ since 1995, combining mixtapes, radio, stage, beatmaking.

Louis Guillaume (L.G)

House DJ / producer / remixer / label owner, also known as the “Rhythm King”. The best kept secret from Rotterdam. His music is been played in Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands.


GMJ, is the French producer making noise in the USA specially in the Chicago scene ( Reks, Sean P, Iomos Marad, Capital D, Ed OG, Brainpower, Soulstice…)

Artists Portfolio

GMB, Dajla, Maya Azucena, Soul-ID , Billy Palmier, Nneka, State Of Monc, Racecar, First Serve, Sabrina Starke, Shirma Rouse, Vynilic Soul, Tribeqa, Kwame, DJ Cutnice, Chuck D, Termanology, Dilated Peoples, Leeroy (Saian Supa Crew), Illicit, CyMarshall Law, The Procussions, Esperanza, Tim Beumers, Ivan Ice, Festa, Pan Afrikans, Cassidy, Tjerk, Furlan Felter, Melissa Fortes, The 5th, Incks, Nt’jamrosie, Concrete, D-Son, Laise Sanchez, Th’acquisition, Colonel Red, Michael Prins, Jiggy Dje, Colin Benders (Kyteman), Tasha’s World, Eric Roberson, Muhsinah, AB, Rena, Daru, GMJ, Quite Nyce (Radix), Ablaze, Kas, Terilekst, Mike Redman, P.Mode, Unorthadox, Scep, Soulstice, VSOP, Pax & Pry, Hashim Mills, Gaiden, La Melodia, Far I, Code Red, Skyggy Rapz, Nation Of Elzi, MC Lyte, Tayreeb, Atactic…