88TILLINFINITY presents BEATSOFREEN’S “Future memories”

88tillinfinity (www.88tillinfinity.com) is very proud to present their first bit of exclusive content to the public. To kick us off Beatsofreen very graciously provided us with his EP / Beattape “Future Memories” that will be release the 1st April.

The artwork is provided by Rockadilly.

Future memories consists of 14 tracks, with a Dilla meets Flying Lotus-feel. We would describe it as an electronic album with a new school soul-feel. That’s not to say these beats don’t pump! Because they do. Well let’s let the music do a little bit of talking.

Beatsofreen (Bastiaan to his mum), has been producing for a little while now, but it didn’t take him long to develop his own sound despite his young age. He is only 18 ! Can you believe it? Imagine what’s to come in the future. He will be featuring on 88tillinfinity’s first official compilation called Goosebumps, which will see the light of day very soon.

88tillinfinity is a creative place where good things come together. The best we can describe it so far is: “That warm, fuzzy feeling you get from creativity”. We strive to point you towards good music, art and other things of that nature. We love beats and we love good instrumental / abstract music. We think this is a genre that should be appreciated more, so we strive to be a creative outlet for instrumentalists. Future Memories is the kickoff, for more musical projects to come. Expect more instrumental releases via 88tillinfinity in the near future!


Let us agree we should keep a serious eye on this young talent in the future!

Bastiaan wanted us to mention to you that he is up for collaboration’s with serious artists.

Contact uncuthiphop.nl for his email adress

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C.O.N.E “Footsteppa beattape”

C.O.N.E is not a stranger in the Hip Hop world but he made his name within the DubStep, breakbeat circuit. A great remixer and producer
he left his imprint on the neo Soul ep “Roaming lion” and the album
“Sweet liberation” from Colonel Red.
Today C.O.N.E is rich of his own label ” Footsteppa” and here’s his first beattape

<a href="http://footsteppa.bandcamp.com/track/footsteppa-beattape">FOOTSTEPPA BEATTAPE by footsteppa</a>

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