The winner of the Trainspotters remix contest is 33 years old Kevin Konig from Germany.

Here are few words from Kevin:
my musical background: I´m really diggin the crates , 70´s stuff like Willie Hutch, Jerry Buttler, Soul Children…producers who influenced me most are Madlib, Dilla, Primo, RZA
I started in 1999 making freestyle sessions with Marcus of The Truestatiks. He made beats and he teached me a lot over sampling and cutting.

In 2000 I bought my first mpc from my man Joe and over the last years I got my little homestudio together.
This is my set up : mpc 2000, mpc 1000; korg micro x ; roland sh 201, ni maschine & pc stuff

I’m producing for my homies Neo Nexus, Tris , Aeroe, Residents, Perser & DNA, Crase, The Royal Son of Mosambique( Portugal)

In the near future I have a EP with Aeroe. I produce some tracks for Crase’s album. And I also make some track for my brother Tris’s project “We save hip hop. com” and for Residents. I hope to finish my House promo soon as well.

You can also find me on or on depending of your mood.

The redaction and Trainspotters would like to thank all the producers who participate. Thank you all also for your patience… The best remixes will soon been post in a form of a compilation !!

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To announce their venue in Europe this spring Trainspotters and Uncut Hip Hop are launching a remix contest of the single “Fan first” from their new album “Dirty North”. The album is entirely produced by Academics.
It was recently nominated for best hip hop / soul album 2010.
After almost a dozen releases on vinyl, mixtape, cassette and online in Sweden and Japan, live shows in the US and Europe as well as one of the year’s most popular music videos, it’s now time for Trainspotters debut album. George Kaplan & Rewind (born 1988 and 1986) also chooses, together with their label Random Bastards, to release it for free online

Check the video directed by David Sandberg.

Download the acapella here

Send your track, only MP3 file, under the name [Trainspotters – Beats first], before 5 March to

The price winner will have his remix featured at and will also appeared in the next Uncut Files (nr 6) that will be send through the network to industry professionals.

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BATTLE DJ : 1 vs 1
8 djs will be selected on demo to participate.
The DJ battle is gonna be on mode 1 vs 1 and start in the 1/4 finale : each dj have 2 rounds of 1mn30 to K.O his opponent to reach the next level.
NOTE: The Scratch Live Serato is allowed: possibility to come with his vinyls and his USB key or any other storage media !
TO WIN : 1 mixage deck RANE TTM 57 + lots CARHARTT
INSCRIPTION : send a demo video / audio of 3mn with your contact information (full name, aka, address, phone, email)
to Pick Up Production before THURSDAY 6 JANUARY 2011. C2C will select the participants in the following days.

Finale DJ Skillz vs Supaphonik TKO 2010

8 Human beatboxers will be selected on demo to participate.
The Human Beatbox Battle takes place in mode 1 vs 1 starts and 1 / 4 final: each
beatboxer has 2 rounds of 1mn30 KO to put his opponent and advance to level
Higher competition.
TO WIN: 1 pair of monitoring speakers Genelec 8020 A lot CARHARTT
REGISTRATION: please send a demo video / audio 3min with your contact information (name,
aka, address, tel, mail) to Pick Up Production before Thursday, January 6, 2011. Selection of the
participants will be done in the following days.

Finale BeatBox Hutch vs Beasty TKO 2010

BATTLE BEATMAKER: Music Composition
8 beatmakers will be selected on test to participate.
The battle has BEATMAKER 2 events:
1 – composition of a piece of 1mn from a sample imposed, delivered one month in advance and prepared at home
2 – composition of a piece of 1 min from a sample prepared and imposed on D-Day. Each participant
present his productions on stage.
REGISTRATION: Download the sample at or
and send an original composition of a piece of 1mn with your contact information (name, aka, address, tel, mail) to Pick Up Production before Thursday 6 January , 2011. The selection of participants will be within days.

Beatmaker Sample 2 TKO 2010

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Pub HIP OPsession 6

Hip’opsession is following the buzz by creating a new contest around his annual festival.
This one adresses all the videomakers / filmmakers.
You have to realise the teaser what will be the first part of an audiovisual communication campaign, to draw attention and arouse curiosity with a minimum of information.
It’s a primary message that asks a question, an riddle and which will have an answer in a second format that will be the official Hip’opsession promo video.
Open to all, this contest is an opportunity for filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and geographical place to offer their vision of hip hop festival ( through their creation. This contest helps to highlight new artists but also to enhance the innovative visions of the world of hip hop and urban cultures, no subject being imposed.

– The time: the creation will be back December 13, 2010 at the latest.
– The type of file format has to be 30 seconds in video format (. Mov and 4 / 3 and / or. Avi 4 / 3 H264)
– Proposals should be submitted on CD or DVD
Send or drop your proposals before 13 December 2010 (date stamp postmark) to:

A commission composed of members of Pick Up Production and local hip hop artists will meet to decide which video will be chosen.
The answer will occur no later than within 15 days of receipt of proposals.

The winner will have his teaser posted on the communication tools of the festival (official website, forums, social networks like Facebook, billboards of the city of Nantes …). He will also become director of publicity official HIP OPsession 7 and will be paid 400 Euros for the realization of this second format.

A contract transferring the rights to operate the video will be signed between the winner (the transferor) and Pick Up Production (transferee) setting the operating conditions of the video.

For its seventh edition, the festival HIP OPsession runs from 17 February to 6 March 2011 in Nantes and its surroundings.
With a balanced lineup of artists recognized locally, nationally and internationally the festival
is paying a particular attention to the original spirit of hip hop, blends and meetings of various publics and to the artistic quality of the programming.
Among the strong features of the festival may also be mentioned the open mind, the diversity of hip hop and its various practices (dance, graff, dj, rap, beatbox …).

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