DAJLA – From Soul Poetry to Afrodelic Soul

For the ones who don’t know Dajla yet, I suggest you go back to listen / discover her previous work. Rich of 3 albums, this french soul singer is giving some american artists a run for their money.

I discover Dajla a few years earlier when she invited me to her concert near the city of Nantes. I must say that rarely I felt so much energy coming from a french artist. Not only Dajla is a singer, she is also a bass player, pianist and she write her own songs. With her musical alter-ego and producer Benji Blow (Benjamin Bouton) they manage to create a masterpiece with their first album SOUL POETRY. The album rich of Soul jazzy vibe was quickly sold out and had to be re-issue.

After a trip to Africa in 2007 the EP “The Motherland” was release shortly after and the second album “The meaning of life”. It will marks for Dajla and Benji the evolution of their sound.

A blend of cosmic soul, urban blues, afro-funk and electro-hip hop which Dajla describe as “Afrodelic Soul”. What always stand out from Dajla’s work is the quality of the production and her hypnotic voice.
For “The meaning of life”, longtime friend Magic Malik, Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and The Procussions among others bring their support to this futuristic Soul piece.

Dajla is like a roadtrip that took his source in UK and crosses France, USA to settle in London again (at least for now).

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WADE WATERS “A Post​-​Racial America”

A Post-Racial America” is an impassioned reality check on the phrase that many have used to describe the era of Barack Obama’s presidency. In Part 1, Wade Waters deconstructs the “Post-Racial America” mythology over an upbeat soundbed provided by GMJ. Part 2, in contrast, crafts a vision for empowerment and progress over soulful instrumentation provided by Terem and features singer Devin Jones.

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